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TweetDeck : Patrick G. Cox LBC Richard Tice I have six Sunday shows. I will be doing an hour long interview with a senior politician from each of the Conservatives, Greens, Labour, LibDem, Brexit Party and SNP. I hope you'll agree that is fair. Nigel Farage does not have a show during the election period.

TweetDeck : David Green You are correct that I am for leaving. Well spotted. No flies on you, eh? Your conclusion on Boris is not true though, as I have always been a Boris sceptic. I'm there to give my opinionsm not sit on the fence. I don't work for the BBC.

TweetDeck : Question: Why is it that there isn't a Soap channel? Surely there would be an appetite for old repeats of Crossroads, Coronation Street and my personal favourite, Sons & Daughters!



TweetDeck : Iain Dale and the Brexit Party Chairman clashed over whether the Brexit Party standing candidates against the Conservatives would 'jeopardise' Brexit.

Iain Dale | Richard Tice | #Brexit

TweetDeck : The new episode of the For the Many Podcast is out. A whole hour and three quarters! Jacqui Smith and I discuss the election, polls, Farage’s trump interview , the Grenfell report, the Speaker election, Rod Liddle, Any Questions & more! And we both corpse...

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iPhone : Iain Dale Thoroughly enjoyed week 1 of 6, in particular the “floating voters” calls, hugely diverse in nature - very interesting. it’d be interesting to have this topic as a mainstay part of your Sunday show to see it any trends appear as the campaign gets going.

iPhone : Iain Dale) 's Twitter Profile">Iain Dale I think a lot commenting on here never actually listened to the whole interview, I thought Iain Dale) 's Twitter Profile">Iain Dale was very firm and balanced with his questions and did make Richard squirm a couple of times, Good interview

iPhone : Not sure he would agree with that given the first thirty minutes! twitter.com/celeryvase/sta…