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Twitter Web App : Im sure its purely coincidental and totally irrelevant (if you know what I mean) but Jeffrey Epstein was a member of both the major Globalist orgs - the CFR & the Trilateral Commission

Twitter Web App : Mark Urban How's your buddy Pablo Miller?
Was Sergei Skripal involved in producing Chris Steele's #FakeDossier?
Is that why he was poisoned?

Why aren't you calling out the government's very obvious lies on the #Skripal poisoning?
Its like a Monty Python comedy show

Twitter Web App : Mark Urban How better to protect British shipping in the Gulf?

Dont be Neocon Warmongers & War Criminals.
Dont commit Acts of Piracy, illegally hijacking other countrys ships.
Mind your own business.


Twitter Web App : Ive Had Many Strange Experiences In My Life - Inside Epsteins Honey Trap On E 71st Street

Twitter Web App : How better to protect British shipping in the Gulf?

Don't be Neocon Warmongers.
Don't commit Acts of Piracy, illegally hijacking other country's ships.
Mind your own business.


How's Pablo Miller?
Was Sergei Skripal involved in producing Steele's #FakeDossier? twitter.com/MarkUrban01/st…

Twitter Web App : Trumps envoy to Syria James Jeffrey, contradicts his president. Says it wasnt Hillary Clinton that created ISIS, but instead Syrias president Assad magically brought it to LIbya and Iraq in 2006. Absolutely bonkers.

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Twitter Web App : The US had to withdraw combat forces from Saudi Arabia in 2003 after waves of popular backlash, but it's now sending them back 16 years later because putting lives on the line for an Al Qaeda-funding radical Islamist theocracy is truly putting America First™

Twitter Web App : There's always the urge to simply dismiss the #UK as a #US puppet in foreign policy, but in the last year they have lead the charge re: #Syria, #Douma, #Skripal and now #Iran.

The #DeepState knows no borders, and the #UK elite are just as war-hungry as their American friends.

Twitter Web App : Stop hijacking Iranian ships on behalf of Donald Trump and perhaps Iran won’t be forced to respond to defend itself. twitter.com/jeremy_hunt/st…

Twitter Web App : Its very unusual for Russians to express scorn for a US president. Obama is an exception. The contempt in which Obama is held by the Russian leadership is unprecedented. Richly deserved, I may add. Heres Putin on Obama at a January 2017 press conference. en.kremlin.ru/events/preside…

Twitter Web App : Where is the global media outrage at Emmanuel “Savior of Europe” Macron gassing children in the streets of #Paris, #France? Or is that strictly reserved for unverified chemical attacks in #Syria? independent.co.uk/voices/gilets-…

Twitter Web App : Want to know exactly which prominent organizations are working with social media giants to filter content and censor people online?

The German Marshall Fund
The Atlantic Council
Media Matters

All three have George Soros’s Open Society Foundation on their list of donors.

Twitter Web App : Admiral Lord West, former head of UK navy:
‘Powerful groups in Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US want war and think a strike on Iran would lead to regime change. They are wrong. It would lead to open ended war with catastrophic consequences across the globe‘

Twitter Web App : Today at NAM mtg on sanctions I said, Terrorism is use of violence & intimidation against civilians in pursuit of political aims.

The US is thus engaged in #EconomicTerrorism. It cannot be called “sanctions”, as theyre not designed to enforce laws. They in fact violate law.

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Twitter Web App : Its Going To Be Staggering: Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent

Twitter Web App : Russia Offers Turkey Advanced Su-35 Jets Day After US F-35 Program Expulsion

Twitter Web App : A Major Conventional War Against Iran Is an Impossibility. Crisis within the US Command Structure

Twitter Web App : UAE pulls out of Yemen, visits Tehran.
The UAE seeks to avoid becoming a battleground in a US/Saudi War with Iran.
War in the Persian Gulf would not be helpful to Dubais Real Estate prices or Tourism

Twitter Web App : New US Pentagon Chief – Vested Interest in War & Conflict

Twitter Web App : Wow. It didn't take long for our phenomenally stupid media to try and pin the blame on Russia for the #StenaImpero

They've clearly got the idea from Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies which was on just the other day 😂 twitter.com/TheSundayMirro…