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Twitter Web App : The School of the Americas.
U.S. Training Camp for Dictators, Torturers and Assassins in Fort Benning, Georgia.

There will be a protest outside the gates on November 15-17. Now especially appropriate with yesterdays CIA Backed Coup in Bolivia.

Twitter Web App : After Illegally Invading and Occupying Syria Using Terrorist Proxies, Turkey Slams US Claims About Syrian Oil Fields as Contradiction of Intl Law.

Turkey, US & any other uninvited Foreign Occupation Forces should get out of Syria asap, to end the War

Twitter Web App : Dominic Raab Jeremy Corbyn The OAS is a CIA puppet and therefore has less than zero credibility.

The CIA works for Globalist Big Business interests and directly against Freedom & Democracy.

But you already knew that.
Or did you forget about Saddams non-existent WMDs?

Twitter Web App : Ian56 Incredible research here no question ! ALL WARS are indeed financed & orchestrated by the International Banking Cartel. All Governments & major political parties are merely puppets & controlled via secret society membership, bribery or blackmail.

Twitter Web App : rodmagno Prince Valiant The only main difference between the Nazis and the Bolsheviks was that in the USSR the gov directly controlled the means of production, whereas in Germany Oligarchs owned the factories and controlled the government.

Fascism should be more properly called Corporatism Mussolini

Twitter Web App : M8 Thanks for the one on the right - now saved. 😀

Twitter Web App : Before anyone asks, the CIA completely OPPOSES democracy EVERYWHERE in the world - INCLUDING the U.S.

The CIA wants puppet govs that will do whatever Wall St & US multinationals demand of them.

See CIA support of:
Saudi Despots
Ukraine Nazis
Shah of Iran
Russiagate Hoax

Twitter Web App : Ian56 chris staines Vichy France resurrected. French Gendarmerie thugs beating up their own citizens. This is the model for the EU "rapid reaction force" army. Note the SILENCE from the EU Napoleons at what's happening in France & Catalonia.

Twitter Web App : Glow Weshaynes There will not be any peace in Bolivia if the Coup is successful.

There will be years and years of brutal repression by the new Regime with war on the streets and in rural areas from ordinary people fighting back.

See Honduras since the 2009 CIA Coup.
Or Latin America in 1980's

Twitter Web App : Joshua Eli The Coup leader Carlos Mesa is NED and therefore CIA backed.

Just like Juan Guaidó in Venezuela.

They are both CIA puppets, for Big Business interests.

Twitter Web App : Ryan Berg, Ph.D. Evo Morales Ayma I see that you are member of AEI and went to Oxford Uni.
This explains why you are so ignorant, cannot think for yourself, and believe the exact opposite of the truth.

I suggest you start getting an education and start learning about how the world actually works.

Twitter Web App : British Mercenary James Le Mesurier found dead after falling or being pushed off his balcony in Istanbul.

Le Mesurier was the founder of the UK funded al-Qaeda affiliated propaganda construct #WhiteHelmets terrorists.

Is somebody tidying up loose ends?


Twitter Web App : rodmagno Prince Valiant The Nazis had show trials too.

The Bolsheviks & the Nazis were very similar. They were both authoritarian Collectivist systems where the State was all powerful & the people had no rights.

Go learn some history.

Twitter Web App : Mabel R. Well they haven't killed Morales (at least not yet), but otherwise the two are very similar.

The Coup leaders are currently mass arresting prominent Morales supporters & former senior officials of the Morales gov (Morales VP etc.).

Twitter Web App : Ian56 For all the talks about Russia meddling in foreign countries elections the reality is Oligarchs & governments such as the US UK Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar France Germany Canada Australia are the ones meddling in other countries internal affairs & even overturning govs violently

Twitter Web App : Grabbler Yep he sure is.
And hes now also best pals with Neoliberal Globalist Mark Zuckerberg.

Buttigieg is who the Globalist Ruling Elites want to install as President in either 2020 or 2024.

Twitter Web App : Thread on WW1 and a Century of War.

The Real History of how WW1 was started by Cecil Rhodes that you won't find in any Establishment propaganda narratives.

We are now in a very similar scenario to that which led up to WW1.
Globalists are now pushing us into WW3
#ArmisticeDay twitter.com/Ian56789/statu…

Twitter Web App : REAL Foreign Election Meddling:

Tories call for urgent investigation into £3m that George Soros funnelled into anti-Brexit campaign aimed at bringing down Boris Johnson.

Anti Democracy, Neoliberal Globalist Fascist Soros is the enemy of all of humanity