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iPhone : I’ll be happy when March 3 comes and goes.

Maybe after Super Tuesday, we’ll have a more concrete idea of who the nominee will be and can start to close ranks.

Stay united, Dems!

iPhone : Susan Sarandon 🌹Shahid Buttar for Congress We??
I think the we that have Pelosi, the actual Democratic Party, are actually looking to keep the Speaker of the House in her leadership position through this 2020 election cycle. What an ignorant arrogant statement

Keep on mis-speaking...hard pass on your your interloper

iPhone : Susan Sarandon 🌹Shahid Buttar for Congress β€œWe?” β€œWe’re?” To whom do you refer? Are you part of Bernie’s administration? There are millions who are not part of β€œYour revolution.” Perhaps work toward unifying rather than continually dividing and casting us deeper into this fascist nightmare we currently face!

iPhone : #meetthepress dear god Chuck Marc short called you fake news to your face & you did nothing. Short told lie after lie & you didn’t call him on it. If you can’t stand up for yourself & the legitimate press & call a lie a lie in real time then I’m done. I will no longer watch MTP

iPhone : Yamiche Alcindor Warren did this to help Bernie. She's no feminist hero. She aligned herself with Bernie early on and she never defends other women especially if they're black or their name is Hillary. Not impressed. It was desperate.

iPhone : EM Yamiche Alcindor No proof that MB did anything insinuated. He denied it Unclear whether any claims involved harassment and discrimination.

She misrepresented employment NDAs. There are often several parties, all of whom are bound by confidentiality. She represented Dow. She knows this.

iPhone : Trump tells 'Crazy Bernie' Sanders: 'don't let them take it away from you!'

Does it not concern Sanders supporters that Trump is his biggest cheerleader?…