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Android : Tlaib-Omar trip paid by a group that sponsors destruction of Israel and PA terrorists. Unlike the Dems in House, Israel has the courage and honesty to stand up for their own people. Israel did US a favor in condemning the Tlaib-Omar destructive ideology of hate. Dems do nothing.

Android : Only after multiple chances that Kamalas AG Office was given by the 9th Circuit, after 2 weeks did Kamalas Office reverse course entering an unopposed motion to summarily reverse judgement thereby releasing Baca from custody. #BlackHillary

Android : Omar and Rashida spewed anti-Semitic hate, they support a boycott BDS movement against Israel. They also vocal supporters for legislation that would make it US policy to boycott Israel, although it was overwhelmingly voted against 398-17.

They are America and Israel haters!

Android : Bernie the fool. A guy that never had a job till after 40, never accomplished anything before or since and thinks he can make something work that hasnt worked anytime, anywhere in the history in the world. Yea.. what could go wrong with that plan for America?

Android : Mercy Chinwos remix of Excess love with JJ Hairston


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Android : Kamala Harris Speaking of GAG orders did u GAG your State Attorney General Office in California from admitting Prosecutors lies in order to uphold conviction?
First George Gage, now Johnny Baca. Did your AG office condone prosecutors who lied under oath?

Android : A firearm may not guarantee your safety, but it gives you the ability to defend yourself against an attacker who is armed, physically superior, and/or mentally unstable. #2ASaveLives #2AShallNotBeInfringed…

Android : Far right? Really? Lemme define far right for those watching. According to these idiots it’s anyone to the right of Stalin. 🤦🏻‍♂️…

Android : Red Flag Laws & background checks work?? People need to protect themselves in Chicago. Justice system let gun criminals out/no penalty. Try enforcing existing laws!
At Least 3 Dead, 22 Wounded In Weekend Shootings In Chicago – CBS Chicago…