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Android : I guarantee you they are ran by the JESUITS! People better wake up to who is teaching/brainwashing your children.…

Android : Despite James Comey claims otherwise AG Barr states unequivocally that the 2016 Donald J. Trump was spied upon. Spied, stymied & roadblocked at every turn—and still won

Now that Americans know precisely how dirty The Democrats are, more are supporting Trump!

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Android : Facts:

These 7 members of the coastal, liberal elite have served 191 combined years in Congress representing:

—San Francisco
—New York City
—Los Angeles
—New York City
—Springfield, Mass

This is who is trying to overturn the votes of 63 million Americans

Android : Independents, swing state voters, and republicans are not buying the impeachment narrative

Even 2 Democrats in congress have rejected impeachment

They just keep repeating the lies hoping people eventually buy it but it just is not working…

Android : Damn Trump must be in a room full of Nazis because they laughed and cheered after he said that

Oh Wait its an Israeli American Council event…

Android : Watch: Around 50 masked antifa militants chased and assaulted a small conservative group in the Washington state capital, Olympia on Saturday. Brandon Brown, a Portland-based independent journalist, was beaten and robbed during the incident.…

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Android : “...U.S. data indicates that people who identify as members of the opposite sex are less likely to end up as homicide victims than their non-transgender counterparts.”…

Android : Trump Leads All Democrats in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin…It’s Not Even Close…

Android : Hardworking Americans know this sham is simply the dems weaponizing impeachment to try & undermine Donald J. Trump, who has done nothing but fulfill the promises he ran on & fight for our country. Their behavior is shameful, but this will only serve to further unify our party.

Android : The juveniles turned violent when a 7-Eleven clerk tried to stop them from stealing merchandise at the store, 4150 North Broadway, in Uptown.…

Android : Grafitti IN SUPPORT of Islamist terrorist #usmankhan daubed in house in #StokeOnTrent.

The enemy is within in the country formerly known as England.

Android : Brexit Party polling at 2% or less
Nigel plans to spoil his own ballot paper
His candidates were shafted by him
His own MEPs have quit to urge you to vote #Tory
The ‘party’ is a fetid mess.

The ONLY way to get #Brexit is to #BackBoris