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Bio Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister #JC4PM.

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Android : It's time to make prescriptions free for everyone. Agree? Add your name here... action.labour.org.uk/page/s/free-pr…

Android : With free prescriptions and more GP appointments, we have a plan to save our NHS. Check it out 👇

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Android : We will revolutionise our education system, ensuring it works for all people of all ages. Here’s our plan 👇

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Android : A little #Lab19 update for you all. Looking forward to delivering my speech this afternoon. It should be streamed on the news at 2.15pm 🌹✊🏾

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Android : Please remember why people voted Leave, why people voted Remain, but also remember there is more that unites all of those people, over austerity..investment..educatio..housing..health..a Green Industrial Revolution, than there is that divides them... JC.

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Android : Im taking the [Labour] party into a General Election to end austerity, to bring forward policies that bring about a better standard of living and better opportunities for people all across this country.
Jeremy Corbyn.

#JC4PM #GeneralElection2019 #Lab19

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Android : Love this clip. Jeremy Corbyn on #Marr talks of being ready to implement Labour‘s policies to improve the lives of millions. When Marr asks him if he’ll serve a full term as Prime Minister, Jez response is brilliant 🔥 #LabourConference2019 #Lab19

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Android : #ohjeremycorbyn put stupid #marr in his place, mate it's your rory mates who keep swapping their PM #JC4PM #WeBackCorbyn #SocialistSunday #changeiscoming #changethemedia twitter.com/IwantJC4PM/sta…

Android : We will deliver a renewed Sure Start programme, Sure Start Plus.. free nursery education for all 2 to 4 year olds.

Not childcare on the cheap, to get parents back to work. But an early education service, led by professionals, designed to develop the whole child.
Angela Rayner.

Android : Any success I’ve had is shared..by our movement & the Labour govts that provided the council house, min wage, welfare state & Sure Start centre that enabled me to achieve it.

I don’t want to do better than the people I grew up with. I want us all to do better.
Angela Rayner.

Android : “The current system is unfit for purpose, so the next Labour government will abolish Ofsted and replace it with a system that will give parents the reliable and in-depth information that they need about our schools.”
Angela Rayner.

#Lab19 #LabConf19 #LabourConference2019

Android : If you become PM, will you serve for a full term?

Jeremy Corbyn: “Of course, why wouldnt I? I’m very surprised by this question.. what are you trying to say?.. I know its of great interest who is Prime Minister and Im looking forward to the job #Lab19

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Android : It's time to make prescriptions free for everyone. Agree? Add your name. action.labour.org.uk/page/s/free-pr…