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Bio Bestselling #Author & #Producer of #FixMyLife. Life coach at @IVSLM who loves #lawandorder and mixing @masterpeacebody blends. Download my new app!
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Twitter Ads Composer : You cannot have love if your heart is closed. You cannot have money if you are afraid of it. You cannot have freedom if you are unwilling to make choices.

Twitter Ads Composer : Your dreams are perishable; they are delicate because they hold your heart’s desire. The vitality of your dreams depends on how much you honor, nurture and celebrate them.  Your creative inspirations deserve to be celebrated. #awakeningsapp

Twitter Ads Composer : Every experience in our lives was spoken into existence. When you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

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Twitter Ads : To celebrate is to praise someone or something for all that it is, all that it has done, and all that will result because of it. With this in mind, can see you the value and importance of celebrating yourself? #awakeningsapp

Twitter Ads Composer : Transformation is a life long process. Your daily spiritual practice makes the process a peace-full journey.

Twitter Ads Composer : It is through breath that we stay connected to God. With breath, we can draw on the grace of the Creator.

Twitter Ads : No matter how change unfolds in your life and affairs, there are a few things you count on, change slows you down; it wakes you up, and replaces what was with what needs to be. #awakeningsapp

Twitter Ads Composer : Affirmations create forceful energy. Structure your affirmations to create powerful, positive results.

Twitter Ads : I hope you have been using your #awakeningsapp Beloveds. I have some exciting news for people who have been doing their work and Ill be sharing that here tomorrow.

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Twitter Ads Composer : Spirituality requires relaxation of the conscious mind, the suppression of the ego, and reliance on the divine universal energy.

Twitter Ads : Change is not what you do. It is what unfolds through you, for you or as you when you commit to grow, heal and evolve within and without. Change may be initiated by a crisis; or it may be the result of a random process of seeking a new result. #awakeningsapp

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