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Twitter Web App : He wasn't 'unclear.' He lied. This entire thing has been a fraud from the start. It is now a Star Chamber, replete w secret hearings & a predetermined outcome. "Schiff admits he should have been 'much more clear' about contact with whistleblower" #smh

Twitter Web App : .Adam Schiff is conducting his secretive impeachment proceedings in the basement of the Capitol, and now he’s kicked Matt Gaetz out of today’s deposition.

This testimony should be available to every member of Congress and every single American. What is Schiff hiding?

Twitter Web App : It is the same playbook we have seen before from Democrats and the media:
1. Anonymous details in a sensational story.
2. Waste taxpayer resources by pursuing faulty leads.
3. The facts settle and Dems try to change their narrative.

Our country deserves better!

Twitter Web App : Within the last 24 hrs

• ABC caught sharing a fake video of Syria

• CNN President caught pushing impeachment narrative

• NYT reports on a stupid meme, yet continues to ignore political violence against conservatives

This is why the media is the enemy of the American people

Twitter Web App : They are trying to overturn the result of a national election for President from behind closed doors.

Twitter Web App : No one is shocked that Zucker had a vendetta & would risk CNN’s credibility to act on it. Look what went on at @NBC on his watch!

CNN Insider Blows Whistle, Records Network President Jeff Zucker’s Anti-Trump Crusade & Personal Vendetta Against POTUS.

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Twitter Web Client : Yaaa people c'mon > OutKast - Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'Bout Me) [Official Music Video] via - Andre' 3000 #News

Twitter Web App : Brett DTA Anthony Slater I would not say anything about Kerr if he was not such a woke social justice "warrior". But he is telling all of us how to behave and stand up to include the NFL. Now he is simply a coward grabbing his 30 pieces of silver with the Chinese replacing the Romans in this story

Twitter Web App : Like I said Burfict will most likely end up winning his appeal or if he wants to sue he will win that lawsuit

Twitter Web App : STILL SUSPENDED: An appeal for a reduced punishment has been denied by the NFL for Vontaze Burfict.

Twitter Web App : I'm told both Jon Gruden & Derek Carr spoke during Vontaze Burfict's appeal which lasted approx an hour & change. During the appeal it was emphasized Burfict has gone over 190 plays w/o being flagged prior to suspension, Raiders cosigned he's tried to change game & is a captain.

Twitter Web App : We want Burfict back. He has already been punished, and we hope he can return to playing soon.”

Raiders made case in support of linebacker Vontaze Burficts appeal

Twitter Web App : Andy Campbell NFLPA) 's Twitter Profile">NFLPA The kneeling of the anthem almost done it for me they disgust me so much ,It is close to the last straw , I really never had feelings toward the League like this before the last 10 yrs or so they became Left Wing Politically Correct stooges ! #News Hypocrites NFL

Twitter Web App : The Left Wing PC culture is corrupting sports @ all levels ,The Leagues should consider changes in Commissioners who placate to fringe 20% before they further erode their integrity & legacy of the sports ! Everyone Gets A Trophy #News

Twitter Web App : Just had our “Free Hong Kong” sign confiscated at Capitol One Arena at the Wizards game against the Guangzhou Long Lions. #FreeHongKong #NBA #Censorship

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Twitter Web App : #RaiderNation #VontezBurfict

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Twitter Web App : It would be nice if Vontez Burfict got the same benefit of the doubt as the other 1600 NFL players that ESPN defended Earl Thomas this morning insane or stupid