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Twitter Web App : MLB Network The pitch you want will not be perfect. The pitch you hit will not be perfect , The calls will not be perfect , humans are not perfect the World is not perfect !

Twitter Web App : MLB Network Do the people associated w/ the Yanks think they are the only ones who get bum calls we had one on a strike 3 in the 1st inning lead to walk & two run inning changed the game also you are not the only ones !

Twitter Web App : @Whpresscorps Dear Elijah E. Cummings the only people laying in feces are the American people who have to waddle in the Bullshit @Senatefloor & @Housefloor peddle day after day !! #news

Twitter Web App : @Whpresscorps @Senatefloor @housefloor Rep Omar could be a symbol of Hope for Muslim Women around the World but she chooses instead to be a symbol of Oppression by wearing a symbol of oppression a Hijab ! #news >…

Twitter Web Client : Woman In Sudan Refuses To Wear Hijab, Faces Flogging… @Whpresscorps @Senatefloor @housefloor You do no favors for Muslim Women being oppressed around the World wearing a Hijab in the Land Of the Free ! #News

Twitter Web App : The @NYTimes is owned by Foreign Billionaires it is a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party the Newspaper is Anti-American they are #Fake #News !

Twitter Web App : @Whpresscorps @Senatefloor @housefloor There Has Never Been a Sovereign Arab State in Palestine ! #News >…

Twitter Web App : @Whpresscorps @Senatefloor @housefloor The Fake #news media , the voters & the GOP hold their members accountable , No-one holds Democrats accountable for anything they do or say !!! #news

Twitter Web App : @Whpresscorps @Senatefloor @housefloor So do I understand this right one of the squad Women sponsored a bill that discriminated against Jewish Americans then called the President a Racist & the Fake #news media acts like the Propaganda attack dogs they are as usual ? #news

Twitter Web App : This woman says her children and grandchildren are dreamers. They are American citizens and should come before illegals. I agree with her 100 percent. Please retweet. She needs to be heard.

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Twitter Web App : Q's latest drop showed a Mamluk-era Turkish bathhouse, an architectural style copied for Epstein's "temple". Before Isaac Kappy died, he posted shocking footage of child sex slaves from inside a "Turkish bathhouse". Maybe he recorded it himself from inside Epstein's temple!…

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: US Court of Appeals preparing to release 2,000 pages of documents revealing sex crimes committed by prominent American politicians, business executives, & foreign leaders


Twitter Web App : Just to be clear:

236 Democrats came together to condemn the president over a tweet

And exactly ZERO of those Democrats could come together and condemn a domestic terror attack on an ICE facility committed in the name of one of their members

Where are their priorities?


Twitter Web Client : This is exactly what the Dems are doing! Thank you Nancy Pelosi for exposing the truth!

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