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Twitter Web App : Rina celebrated her 17th birthday last week. Today, Palestinians celebrate her death.

While hiking with her family, a bomb exploded, killing Rina & seriously injuring her brother & father.

Right now, Palestinians are handing out candies in celebration of Rina’s murder.

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Twitter Web Client : rare footage of my childhood

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IFTTT : Thanks myServal for following me on Twitter, You rock!

Twitter Web App : @ #revolution
The #Dems are NOT FOR America

Question: who did the #Communist Party of America run in 1992?

They didnt run anybody! They endorsed Bill Clinton.

They have not run a presidental candidate since.…

Sprout Social : Rep. Dan Crenshaw is right! Socialized medicine destroys medical innovation and hurts American businesses and patients! #ampFW

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Android : That wasnt scary 🙄 #mrbean

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iPhone : Charlie Shain Dan Bongino Snap a quick pic of your own dome without your snap-back on and then repost with your “propecia” comment. Better yet, have your boyfriend take the pic. Go back to your weak baseball takes and stay out of politics. You’re a failure at it.

2A Wisdom Quotes : Fight back! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back! The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you. Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, fight back! - Jeff Cooper

Android : I dont think this NYT editor should lose his job over offensive old tweets. I do think its interesting that people were seemingly quicker to pile on 18 y/o Kyle Kashuv than they were a NYT editor…

eClincher : This authentic hand crafted Bourbon Barrel Stave Oak Coat, Key, and Hat Rack has served its purpose, starting as virgin American Oak, charred and then filled with clear liquid to spend years atop the Rick house aging a fine Bourbon.

RTP WP SNAP Plugin Integration : Campaign candidate and support training with American Majority Saturday! -…

iPhone : Ending the first preseason home game with a W!!!

#DCC2019 | #HOUvsDAL

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Plume for Android : iPhone Alert: Apple Accidentally Introduced A Critical Security Vulnerability In New iOS 12.4 -

iPhone : Bill Pulte can you help this family? young boy passed away. I believe the family donated his organs. They need help with funeral expenses from what I read.…

DataGenesis : The #UN is continually trying to police the U.S.A. and take away our sovereignty. #tcot #PJNET…

Twitter Web App : I asked you a simple question & you didnt answer me. What holiday would you propose? BTW States also have their own holiday schedule as well. As far as taking a day off, fine. Pull the kid out of school & call it a day.…

Twitter Web App : MUST READ... TRUMP IS RIGHT! China Is In Terrible Economic Condition; Cannot Afford to Lose the US Market

Trump recognizes that China is in an all out war with the US in regards to information and economics. For years Western leaders have done nothing..…

Android :
Why is the Zorro Ranch not under search warrant? How involved is Bill Richardson? Bill Clinton? Other New Mexico power brokers? Hmmm!!

Twitter Web App : Press TV Israel #IDF on high alert following strikes on #Iranian and #Hezbollah targets in #Syria and #Lebanon, ahead of possible Iranian retaliation. The IDF caught Iran off-guard and thwarted a planned IRGC Quds Force strike against Israel…

iPhone : Leaving California today, had great boarding passes on Southwest Airlines , flight was canceled, now on my new flight I may as well be the last one on the plane with these boarding passes 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ #ILikeTheWindowSeat

Facebook : Hitler Survivor Condemns Gun Control - KEEP YOUR GUNS, BUY MORE GUNS…

iPhone : Adam Schiff Neither shooter over the weekend was a Trump supporter. “White supremacist terror” doesn’t accurately describe these people and tying Donald J. Trump to events like these is political theater and won’t change a thing. And you know it. But, you’re a hack and you can’t help it.

Plume for Android : iPhone Alert: Apple Accidentally Introduced A Critical Security Vulnerability In New iOS 12.4 -

iPhone : Maybe I was just raised differently, but I can’t believe some of y’all are celebrating the death of someone just because their politics were different from yours.

CSG WP Site Autopost : Transgendered ‘Woman’ to Female Beauticians: Wax My B****s CSG

Twitter Web App : ...exactly ... a great realization this truth... and one they know defies common sense; yet so useful is this flawed intolerant enslavement tool that resistance would penalize speech while submission would silence speech --…

TweetDeck : Get off it, Ted. If youre so hard-up about playing that race card, then why do you belong to the original party of the KKK?…

iPhone : I get physically ill with every disgusting detail that emerges about Jeffrey #Epstein’s trafficking of so very many girls and young women. His alleged actions are bad enough. But that so very many others seem to be complicit is horrifying. I may never see the world the same way.

Twitter for iPad : ...Additionally, the remaining 300 BILLION DOLLARS of goods and products from China, that was being taxed from September 1st at 10%, will now be taxed at 15%. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Twitter Web Client : Daughter started a GoFundMe for folks not on FB (prev posted), not in my nature to ask but family says its needed so Ill swallow my pride & accept whatever help is offered... #ccot #lnyhbt #pjnet #tcot 😉… Support Martys fight against Lung Cancer


1. Deleting Covfefe

Documents reveal Google raced to remove the Arabic word Covfefe from virtual existence in the hours and days following Donald Trump’s infamous tweet.

On May 31, 2017, after returning from Saudi Arabia, Trump tweeted this:

Twitter Web Client : Focus on the goal.
Trust, but verify.
Question everything.
Find pride within yourself.
Never give up.
Consider your fellow Patriot.
Optimism, not pessimism.
Live happy.
Remain /comfy/.

Last but not least...

Family means everything.
Put God first.
Prayer moves mountains.

Twitter for iPad : The hits keep coming for poor old uncle Joe he’s seems to have forgotten the state he was in while campaigning Saturday afternoon

Biden seemed to think he was in Vermont while campaigning in Keene, New Hampshire

Please go home Joe… via @dailycaller

Android : Protestors in Hong Kong are cutting down facial recognition towers.

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Android : Appalling Islamophobia from the top of UKIP:

Leaked emails show Richard Braine, the new Ukip leader, arguing that people should no more want Muslims to settle in their country than Nazis. He also said there are no ‘moderate Muslims’…

Twitter Web App : A JOB WELL DONE: Today we got underway to celebrate the successful conclusion of Chief Petty Officer Heritage Weeks Week 1! The selects put what they learned this week to the test and worked with our crewmebers to handle the sails during the underway! Huzzah!

BizCreditCo : At last, we learn how Bernie Sanders plans to pay for free universal healthcare, free college, and whatever other pie-in-the-sky stuff he’s promised: he’ll just print more money until the economy collapses!


Android : Such False and Inaccurate reporting thus far on the G-7. The Fake News knows this but they can’t help themselves! Leaving now to have breakfast with Boris J.

iPhone : Just more evidence that the fix was in.. AG Barr better step up and bring justice to this nation.

We await action not talk.

Drop the hammer Mr AG

The road not taken: Another FBI failure involving the Clintons surfaces | TheHill…