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Twitter Web App : Ilhan Omar just said that she planned to meet with members of the Knesset. She is lying. Her schedule was made public days ago.…

Android : It is SO ON! Popeyes Chicken tries picking a fight with Chick-fil-A then Wendy’s swoops in with the TKO… #NahBabyNah

iPhone : DOJ prosecuted 7 FARA cases in 50 years; INTENTIONALLY Does NOT Enforce FARA so can use as predicate for FISA. General Flynn ILLEGALLY Unmasked & FISA Used to SPY on him so they can retaliate for disrupting Gulen takeover! DONATE: #PatriotsAwakened

Twitter Web App : Happy #NationalRadioDay, with gratitude to an industry that gave me decades of amazing and interesting experiences

iPhone : SusieMary Von Only America-Hating indoctrinated drones who post me.Normal Americans know who they are and don’t need to be listed. Actually I’m very accommodating: your ilk is all about Identity Politics so I just help you guys organize via your beliefs. You’re very welcome.Thanks for sharing

Hootsuite Inc. : Check out the latest story exposing liberal media bias on NewsBusters!

iPhone : Whoa: #Massachusetts #Newspaper Drags #Warren Through The Wringer For Attacking #LawEnforcement... Warren You Are Inciting Violence With Your Words Against Our #LawEnforcement~Dangerous

IFTTT : Thanks myServal for following me on Twitter, You rock!

Twitter Web App : Dr. Robert Epstein, who was a Hillary Clinton supporter, testified to the U.S. Senate that Googles search engine was able to manipulate votes in 2016 on a massive scale - at least 2.6 million votes.

This is shocking! The American people need to hear this.

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iPhone : Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is promoting content from a hate site to attack a Jewish woman who called her out for promoting cartoons from a man who mocked Holocaust victims

iPhone : Charlie Shain Dan Bongino Snap a quick pic of your own dome without your snap-back on and then repost with your “propecia” comment. Better yet, have your boyfriend take the pic. Go back to your weak baseball takes and stay out of politics. You’re a failure at it.

2A Wisdom Quotes : Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you dont have a gun, freedom of speech has no power. - Yoshimi Ishikawa

Android : In fact, no country on earth has done more to overcome racial prejudice both in law and practice. Indeed, racism today is nearly universally rejected in America, which is why the left tries so hard to pin the label on its political opponents.…

eClincher : This authentic hand crafted Bourbon Barrel Stave Oak Coat, Key, and Hat Rack has served its purpose, starting as virgin American Oak, charred and then filled with clear liquid to spend years atop the Rick house aging a fine Bourbon.

RTP WP SNAP Plugin Integration : Campaign candidate and support training with American Majority Saturday! -…

Plume for Android : Mulan Actress Supports Repressing Hong Kong Pro-Freedom Protesters -

iPhone : All jokes aside, the theory that the Clintons had Jeffrey Epstein killed is far more plausible than the theory that our billionaire real estate magnate-turned-President is actually a Russian agent

And the media ran with the latter theory for two years

DataGenesis : We can trust God to lead us through difficult times. #ccot #Faith #RenewUS #PJNET…

Buffer : “Dirtbag,” “Savages,” “Subhuman”: A Border Agent’s Hateful Career and the Crime That Finally Ended It — ProPublica

Twitter for iPad : President Donald J. Trump is continuing to follow through on his promise to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood. I’m thankful that this administration has been committed to protecting the lives of unborn children. 1/2…

Twitter Web App : I asked you a simple question & you didnt answer me. What holiday would you propose? BTW States also have their own holiday schedule as well. As far as taking a day off, fine. Pull the kid out of school & call it a day.…

iPhone : Trump-hating smack to satisfy their inner demons: White supremacy is the new collusion, an epidemic that will REALLY FOR SURE THIS TIME sink Donald Trump and the GOP.

Like any addiction, old habits die hard at the NYT:…

iPhone : The problem: not all prophecy is “massively generalized.” Ezekiel 36-39 is just one example. There are also a zillion OT references to Jesus that were fulfilled. Pretty specific stuff.…

iPhone : Leaving California today, had great boarding passes on Southwest Airlines , flight was canceled, now on my new flight I may as well be the last one on the plane with these boarding passes 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ #ILikeTheWindowSeat

Facebook : Hitler Survivor Condemns Gun Control - KEEP YOUR GUNS, BUY MORE GUNS…

iPhone : Adam Schiff Neither shooter over the weekend was a Trump supporter. “White supremacist terror” doesn’t accurately describe these people and tying Donald J. Trump to events like these is political theater and won’t change a thing. And you know it. But, you’re a hack and you can’t help it.

Plume for Android : Mulan Actress Supports Repressing Hong Kong Pro-Freedom Protesters -

CSG WP Site Autopost : Transgendered ‘Woman’ to Female Beauticians: Wax My B****s CSG

Twitter Web App : ...exactly ... a great realization this truth... and one they know defies common sense; yet so useful is this flawed intolerant enslavement tool that resistance would penalize speech while submission would silence speech --…

TweetDeck : Get off it, Ted. If youre so hard-up about playing that race card, then why do you belong to the original party of the KKK?…

Buffer : . Are you with me?

Raise your hand 🙋‍ if you support the U.S.A to cut at least 90% of the current support to the UN.🇺🇳


Twitter Web App : It was quite predictable that Milwaukee wasnt going to have enough hotel space to accommodate the DNC.……

Android : The thing no one on Baier’s panel points out is most ppl are not going to admit to a stranger asking them who they will vote for that Trump is their guy. Ppl are afraid of being targeted or put on a list. We quietly show up on Election Day & vote✅…

Twitter Web Client : Daughter started a GoFundMe for folks not on FB (prev posted), not in my nature to ask but family says its needed so Ill swallow my pride & accept whatever help is offered... #ccot #lnyhbt #pjnet #tcot 😉… Support Martys fight against Lung Cancer

Twitter Web App : The Left is rooting for a recession, ignoring Antifa violence and repeating antisemitic talking points. Are they purposefully trying to undermine and divide America?

We want to hear your thoughts on todays NEW podcast. Email your name and number to

TweetDeck : China exploiting holes in US bankruptcy system to acquire national security technology, reveals expert at FDD’s Transformative Cyber Innovation Lab.…

Twitter Web App : Old Man With A Pen These statements by THE SQUAD is a clear abuse of power, similar to Radical Terrorist who overthrow a gov’t, they believe all their ideas R for the betterment of mankind & just like Lenin, Hitler, Castro then morpf into dictatorship
#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #Trump2020

iPhone : I wanted to thank TPUSA for accepting me for what I expect to be an exciting event. If any of you that follow me are between the ages of 15-28 I suggest you go apply at it’s going to be awesome. I would love to meet some of you #BLS2019

iPhone : .Twitter yesterday, we put out a series of tweets asking citizens who support my campaign against Ilhan Omar to follow us and to donate to our campaign using our secure contribution page.

Twitter deleted 3 of our tweets yesterday.

What is going on?…

iPhone : Ilhan Omar You have a responsibility, as a U.S. Congresswoman to condemn #Hamas, a State Department FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) that sends rockets into Israeli towns that target civilians. But you remain quiet - dont lecture me or any American on your responsibilities.…

Twitter Web App : Trump2020/Paul2024/Gabbard2032 JFK JR 2024 Paul Serran it was never the “weird guy” at the rallies as he was a distraction. You all should have been paying attention to his wife though and that is what verified he is alive because that is Caroline Kennedy without a doubt. Watch this brand new video and enjoy…

Twitter Web App : “This is—and has always been—a case about media accountability. We are pleased with the Court’s decision, and we look forward to starting discovery and ultimately proceeding to trial.” - Attorneys Ken Turkel & Elizabeth Locke

Android : Jon Voight’s message of peace and love.

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