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iPhone : “We are more than four people. We ran on a mandate to advocate for and to represent those ignored, left out, and left behind. Our squad is big. Our squad includes any person committed to creating a more equitable and just world.” -Ayanna Pressley

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iPhone : At 9:32am ET, the #Apollo11 launch occurred sending three astronauts on a trajectory to the Moon. As we celebrate our #Apollo50th anniversary, learn more about this mission:…

iPhone : It's almost the Apollo 11 anniversary! We're continuing our #OklahomansInSpace series today with Astronaut John Herrington, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and the first Native American to fly in space.…

iPhone : The #Apollo50 celebrations officially begin today! On this day 50 years ago Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were poised to begin their journey to the Moon.…

iPhone : Do astronauts jam out to music in space? 💫 Which state listens to songs about the Moon the most? 🌙 And what's it like to play a guitar in microgravity? 🎸 Spotify shares what they've learned in honor of the #Apollo50th anniversary!…

iPhone : Oklahoma City is a diverse community where 60 percent of our children are non-white. Many of our residents are immigrants. Almost all of us are the descendants of immigrants. We are working closely with our Native community to honor those who were truly the first Americans. (1/2)

iPhone : For those of you interested in seeing American Heretics sooner rather than later, it's making a run starting this Friday at Rodeo Cinema!…

iPhone : Meghan McCain slams GOP cowardice for not speaking out against Trump tweets targeting Democratic congresswomen.

On Sen. Lindsey Grahams defense of Trump, McCain says on The View: Whatever is happening to Lindsey, this is not the person I used to know

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iPhone : NEW: Republican Sen. Pat Toomey: “President Trump was wrong to suggest that four left-wing congresswomen should go back to where they came from. Three of the four were born in America and the citizenship of all four is as valid as mine.

iPhone : NEW: Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich: We all, including Republicans, need to speak out against these kinds of comments that do nothing more than divide us and create deep animosity - maybe even hatred.

iPhone : Someone told me that Apple was going to go away like Blackberry. I admittedly laughed. The difference is that Apple is always pushing quality. They may not be the first but they strive to be the best (succeeding and sometimes not.) Blackberry failed at innovation completely.