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iPhone : BREAKING: Diplomats reached a deal to keep the Paris climate accord alive, requiring every country to follow a set of standards to measure its emissions - NYT

iPhone : I just adore our Commander-in-Chief...he took some time out on this grey, rainy day to visit Arlington National Cemetery for the annual Wreaths Across America event.

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iPhone : The pathetic and dishonest Weekly Standard, run by failed prognosticator Bill Kristol (who, like many others, never had a clue), is flat broke and out of business. Too bad. May it rest in peace! reddit.com/r/The_Donald/c…

iPhone : They are there to teach, NOT INFLUENCE OUR CHILDREN. Parents need to STAND UP to the INDOCTRINATION of our kids in school! twitter.com/floridaguy267/…

iPhone : HERE WE GO AGAIN: Blue checks are sharing MSNBC video of CBP agents pouring out water, don't mention it happened under Obama buff.ly/2QxVID1

iPhone : California is so full of corruption, from the top all the way down. Clean up California, vote out ALL DEMS!! twitter.com/jamesbradleymb…

iPhone : Al Capone was convicted on the lesser crime of tax evasion and died in prison from complications of Syphilis. Maybe the same fate awaits Bill Clinton....one can hope. twitter.com/realjameswoods…

iPhone : It's now apparent that James Comey and Andrew McCabe were politically motivated and set out to destroy General Flynn to get to the Trump Campaign and President Trump.

These Men should be tried as Traitors to our Republic, for which it stands!