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Twitter Web App : A “no-deal” Brexit has been compared to “downshifting a car at full speed from fifth gear to first”

Twitter Web App : If true, this is because the US is desperate to catch up with the EU. EU/JPN trade deal has caught out US exporters to JPN. But remember WTO is just fine for the UK.…

Twitter Web App : This is phenomenal. Whatever people’s view of Brexit, a majority see Corbyn on the Other side. It’s almost like he’s not a genius playing 5-dimensional chess.…

Twitter Web App : Howell Harris It's funny that those who have decried the state and its incompetence over many decades now think the state can magically mitigate all these interconnecting and chaotically interfering consequences.

Twitter Web App : Darren Olivier The Aviator 🇿🇦 Nice. I've always liked the odd look of the A. Think because it was on the cover of a Craig Thomas novel in the ealry 80s that my mum wouldnt let me buy at LHR on a trip to ZA as it was too grown up for me...

Twitter Web App : So in no deal Brexit, Johnson has already slipped from paying nothing to paying £7-10bn. We'll be back at £39bn before you know it.…