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Bio Fuck the agreement. Fuck the Geneva Convention. Fuck Parliamentary democracy. Fuck everything.
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iPhone : David Lipson I’ve enjoyed you’re coverage so far mate but I think this is terribly framed. Pete’s only been on the scene for a couple of years and he’s already shown us that he’s about as trustworthy and likeable as Hilary. The fact that he’s now tied into this app will only stoke the fire.

iPhone : Matt Bevan 🎙 If you still have your guard up the refs not gonna stop the fight. It might look brutal, and it is, but according to the rules of the sport, until your hands stop protecting your head, you’re fair game.

iPhone : Steve FOX LEAGUE While we’re at it can we change it so that if you’re inside the attacking 20 and the ball goes dead off a kick you don’t have to cop a 7 tackle set? Teams getting penalised for trying to score a try is garbage.