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iPhone : Me several months ago: “Chik Fil A isnt even that good”.

Twitter Conservatives: “You heathen! It’s the best chimkuns! God’s chimkum!”

Today: *Chik Fil A betrays conservatives*

Twitter Conservatives: “THAT CHICKEN WASNT GOOD ANYWAY!”

iPhone : Join me in beautiful Colorado, May 8th-10th 2020 where Ill distill thirty years of investigations into the mysteries of our collective past into three days of intense, fast-paced, and thought-provoking presentations. gaia.com/grahamhancock

iPhone : Will Kim Kardashian West Dr. Phil and Amanda Knox respond to this?

They’re all being called out

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Twitter for iPad : Did y’all know that #RodneyReed dna was/has been linked (not just accused, actually linked) to other rape victims?? I say this all the time. STOP jumping on bandwagons. Do your own research, then join a cause, that you’re well versed in. pic.twitter.com/0QWF26enDP

Twitter for iPad : So nobody felt it was important to mention that Rodney Reed was linked to 7 other rape/assault charges on women and they found his semen in 3 and one of them was a 12 year old girl?