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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Equinor pulls out of drilling in the Great Australian Bight. The company - part owned by the Norwegian government - says the decision was commercial. Comes after a big environmental campaign in Australia #fightforthebight Australian Government has responded ABC News

Twitter Web App : Yeah but Mike Burgess didn't mention anything about the "far left" twitter.com/BrettMasonNews…

Twitter Web App : David Crowe on the latest madcap turn in our so-called climate wars - when the government attempts to burn the Opposition for adopting the same emissions target they have themselves:


Twitter Web App : The spies, the lawyers, the secret recordings and
@Wikileaks: how Julian Assange and his legal team were illegally spied on. abc.net.au/news/2020-02-2…

Twitter Web App : Is twitter a pernicious online bubble suffocating civilised debate?

Or is it like Speakers' Corner - jeers & invective from the crowd sharpen the speaker's skill?

Has it burst the bubble of writers unused to being challenged?

Jacqueline Maley

Twitter Web App : Rosie Batty: "No one is 'driven' to murder no matter the circumstances or situation that they find themselves in. Murder is a decision that is deliberate and driven by the need to exact revenge and achieve the ultimate act of power and control." #domesticviolence twitter.com/political_aler…

Twitter Web App : The sheer pace of politics makes it is easy to ignore the fundamental questions. The column today: what is the mission of the Morrison government?

Twitter Web App : Hadley: "Mr Bolt, criticism of me by you is water off a duck's back. You do a lot of good in the community, but by crikey when it comes to paedophilia you've got a very poor record. A *very* poor record."

Twitter Web App : Our Solidarity Tree at University of Sydney, featuring so many kind messages from staff and students to our students in China. Great to see our university community coming together to send our support to those who’ve been unable to join us yet on campus

Twitter Web App : 1 in 6 women have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner.

1 woman is killed every 9 days & 17 are hospitalised EVERY DAY due to assaults by a partner.

Thats 1.6 million Aussie mothers like #HannahBaxter who have been harmed by someone they loved

Twitter Web App : "Amid the escalating violence and facing a lack of what they consider effective government response, a feminist protest movement has gained momentum in the past year and become more violent".

This is a startling piece on femicide in Mexico:


Twitter Web App : We’ve got pedophile defenders with massive platforms being given OAMs for their ‘advocacy for men’, which just involves them railing against feminism’s “domestic violence industry”. Successive govts that have defunded women’s shelters. And casual misogyny abounds.

Twitter Web App : Such a pleasure to be part of this discussion with Minister Ward and all the dedicated members of the Western Sydney Community Forum. I'm in awe of your passion and energy! twitter.com/gwscommunity/s…