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iPhone : School hours should be treated with reverence, for they are full of potential knowledge. This seems to be the view of MP Craig Kelly, whose own reverence for knowledge, admittedly, stops at the metaphorical door of climate science | Jacqueline Maley smh.com.au/politics/feder…

iPhone : I do love my job. A few weeks ago Lisa Davies asks me if I want to interview a Western Saharawi activist. Sure, I say, and retreat quietly to Google Western Sahara. I learnt a lot lunching with the vivacious and inspirational Tecber smh.com.au/world/africa/l…

Twitter Web App : Do you lack a uterus? Then please, step up to the soapbox and give us your opinion on them! My bit on abortion decriminalisation and the messy nature of progress:


Twitter Web App : Upper House MLC Lou Amato, opponent of abortion decriminalisation, just now, on the conscientious objection amendment: "Why should anyone be forced to do something they don’t want to do?"

People with uteruses: Ummmm, yes...that's what...oh never mind

Twitter Web App : Another odd thing about family law inquiry: Hanson says it will hear about specific cases. But it will be illegal for media to report because of ban on identifying parties in family law cases. twitter.com/jacquelinemale…

Twitter Web App : Elizabeth Evatt AC, the first Chief Justice of the Family Court and a legal legend, labels Hanson's comments "not true" and says it "appalling" Hanson has started the family law inquiry with "ready-made opinions".


iPhone : Parents with proven histories of abuse are routinely granted access, and custody. Justice Tim Carmody: “there is no presumption or a priori rule that even... child sexual abuse... puts up an insurmountable barrier in the way of having contact with a child victim.”

Twitter Web App : Quite astounding really that the Prime Minister would appoint someone who has publicly expressed bitter, deeply personal feelings about family law, and whose son has been embroiled in a messy family law matter, to reside over an inquiry into it.