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iPhone : All a bit too easy for England. Understandably sloppy second half given the scoreline and the heat. A game that highlights why plans to increase the size of the World Cup to 48 teams is farcical.

iPhone : Neal Black Tim Rudge Das Finz 🇩🇪 We signed him for a club record fee of £8m rising to £10m. But he’s been awful, he’s too slow, too weak and is clearly void of any sort of confidence. We haven’t really played him in a system that’s suited to him, at first fans have made excuses for him over poor service.

iPhone : Why is everyone just accepting this lie that Mario Gomez is still only 32? He was on Fifa 96 on the Mega Drive.

iPhone : The thing about the referendum is that back then no-one really knew the sort of Brexit we were going for whereas now, 2 years later, thanks to the progress the government has made, no-one really knows what sort of Brexit we’re going for.

iPhone : It reminds me of my time at Chelsea when I found a list of transfer targets on the private photocopier. I didn’t tell a soul. I could have made a name for myself. Ten years later I still have the trust of Chelsea and get invited into the canteen. That’s worth more to me

iPhone : Must say it's fantastic to see the country uniting against football journalists and them reacting to it by acting like spoilt children

iPhone : Commentators have spent the last 30 mins writing the Germans off now they say ''Never write off the Germans'' You couldn't make it up 🤣

iPhone : Ola Toivonen scores for Sweden. A throw back to the summer of 2013 when #ncfc agreed fees for him (£4.7m) and Toby Alderweireld (£6.9m) but signed neither

iPhone : Jordan Rhodes and ‘Fee too big’ - a phrase that goes together like ‘cheese and crackers’, or ‘morcombe and wise’ #ncfc

iPhone : Hurrah! The US media has now shown up to cover the unfolding Brexit-Russia scandal & its uncanny similarities to the Trump-Russia scandal. Because these are not two scandals, they are the same scandal. With one factor common to both: @nigel_farage