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Bio Dad, Husband. Labour MP for Bury North. Labour Housing Team. Member of Education Select Cttee. Founder of @thealltogether. Singer. Sport & music nut.
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iPhone : Emma Hardy MP Thank you Emma for all you have done for our families. I’m lucky to have James Frith MP as my MP but between you, you’ve helped show a snippet of how hard it is for families like ours. Good luck at the General Elections. You have my families vote 🌹

iPhone : 14m in poverty
4m kids in poverty
726 homeless deaths in 2018
Record 1.6m food bank parcels
Food banks in schools
NHS/social care in meltdown
130000 deaths through austerity
Handing the NHS to Trump

This can’t go on. Vote tactically and get the Tories out.

iPhone : The election is on 12th December. It’ll be cold, dark, wet and in the middle of the holiday season! Why not register to vote by post? Make sure you don’t miss out. Get a form here: tiny.cc/burypv < or e-mail me your name and address contact@jamesfrith.org #KeepTheFaith

iPhone : It’s the truth James. You deserve credit for your efforts. twitter.com/jamesfrith/sta…

iPhone : I’d like to encourage any younger people that want to join my campaign to assist with our exciting new social media campaign to contact me email contact@JamesFrith.org or @ me or DM etc. I want to launch on new platforms asap. Get in touch. Tell people you know. #KeepTheFaith

iPhone : Retweet this! I can’t wait to spend about 50 days meeting and speaking to everyone! And home every night! My children won’t believe it. #KeepTheFaith twitter.com/jamesfrith/sta…

iPhone : mark howsham Hi Mark, it was 54/46 in Bury. And I was elected a year later. Furthermore, I believe in a Final Say which means Leavers and Remainers reserve the right to vote the same way or have the space to change their mind. But a General Election is more than a specific question.

iPhone : Tonight I voted for the general election. I’ve huge faith in the work we’ve done together these first two years as your MP. I’ll be asking at this general election for voters to keep their faith in me. Don’t let’s go back, let’s keep going. #KeepTheFaith #BuryNorth

iPhone : A Saturday in Bury. How the loss of the match day is hurting not only supporters, but also local businesses. twitter.com/GranadaReports…

iPhone : Dispatches discovers how Donald Trump’s allies and US drug giants want to force the NHS to pay more for US medicines.

Tahir Amin is a British lawyer based in America who is an expert on drug pricing and on previous trade negotiations.

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iPhone : I’m very much looking forward to visiting everyone here in the next few weeks! Great initiative. #UTS #KeepTheFaith twitter.com/smn_manchester…