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Bio Husband, father, Arsenal & Hibs supporter. Former Strategic Advisor to @JeremyCorbyn & former Director of Comms to the Shadow Chancellor & Shadow Treasury Team.
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Twitter Web App : The new hand ball rule makes complete sense, in open play you shouldn't be able to assist a goal with your hand in FOOTBALL...🙄 #MoTD

Android : I think this is spot on, which makes those refusing to let JC lead a GNU for a matter of week lose all credibility in their desire to stop No Deal. twitter.com/CJFDillow/stat…

Android : VAR is awesome. Great twist. Don't know why people hate it. As long as it's a quick turnaround (which will get better) it's better than a goal wrongly standing and impacting a game's result. #MCITOT

Android : As openDemocracyUK investigations have shown,there’s growing concern about the upcoming General Election. It seems the Tories are preparing for their dirtiest & most criminal campaign in decades. As such,all signs/shares of this petition much appreciated:you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/enfo…

Android : The Lib Dems want to install Ken Clarke as PM

Ken Clarke is pro-Brexit and would implement Brexit if he was appointed as PM

Therefore the Lib Dems are, in fact, pro-Brexit

Android : It doesn't say a lot for Swinson given her pitch is JC doesn't have full support of his 200+ MPs yet she's struggling with message discipline among her own 14...😳 twitter.com/prospect_clark…

Android : If you've not read this 2007 book by Paul, I strongly recommend it, as many of the arguments are still relevant today. One of its messages is that #Peterlooo is not an abstract one off historical event - it's part of a long global struggle still going on today all over the world. twitter.com/paulmasonnews/…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow marks 200 years since protesters demanding the vote were set upon by soldiers in Manchester, in what became known as the Peterloo Massacre.

It inspired Shelley’s The Masque of Anarchy, read here by Maxine Peake

#Peterloo2019 | #newsnight | Maria Polachowska

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Twitter Web App : Today's news in full: Corbyn changes entire situation by writing one page letter. Libdem leader surpasses all previous Libdem leaders in venality Olympics. Ends.

Android : David Disagree, EU would see a Labour govt calling a new referendum with remain on the ballot. Think theyd delay, esp if theyre deciding for how long that delay could be. In such a scenario I imagine Labour would campaign to remain v current Tory deal. Esp if EU prerequisite to delay

Android : Tom Hamilton David Ultimately, I guess it would be for the Clause V meeting to decide. But suspect it would likely be either immediate ref of Remain v current Tory deal. Or new negotiation period with best deal possible brought back, and decision on if Labour deal met criteria to not support remain

Android : David Position is to campaign to remain against either a Tory or No Deal Brexit. If a GE is called then manifesto will set out in that referendum whether Labour would call a repeat of 2016 (in/out) or would be remain v a new negotiated Labour deal.

Twitter Web App : David The EU has previously said extensions would have to show substantive change was on the table, a GE/2ndref indicated as such signals. Labour plan = short-term govt to force a General Election, win said general election with a mandate for a 2nd ref, then campaign to remain. Simples

Twitter Web App : Yet Swinson and the Lib Dems said Tory backbenchers would not support Corbyn's proposal for a short-term govt to prevent No Deal...?🤔 twitter.com/BBCPolitics/st…