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Bio Guerrilla Journalist. @Project_Veritas. Exposed Google “algorithmic fairness,” Twitter “Shadowbanning,” FB “deboosting.” On Signal at 914-653-3110. Be Brave.
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Twitter Web Client : YouTube is deciding what is news according to their beliefs & legacy corporate media is being artificially promoted. Thanks to the investigative journalism by Project Veritas we even know the exact boosts given to channels such as CNN bitchute.com/video/abORAPMM… #GoogleExposed

Twitter Web Client : More from GOOGLE DOC LEAK: TWIDDLERS which are the C++ objects that make ranking recommendations on G/YouTube. BoostAboveResult and Filter look like ways results could be manually (nefariously?) manipulated. projectveritas.com/wp-content/upl…

Twitter Web Client : Do you work at:

Or another #BigTech company? Have you seen corruption?

You can Be Brave and contact Project Veritas. We are looking for more insiders to come forward. Contact us securely: VeritasTips@protonmail.com

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Twitter Web Client : MORE from the Google leak - Google appears to perform a news analysis on both the content and reputation of websites when determining whether they are misrepresentative. Who are these editors? Open platform or publisher of content? (Leaks here: projectveritas.com/google-documen…)

Twitter Web Client : From Google LEAK - YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explains YouTubes news decision-making We have a whole system we came up with trashy news, we build classifiers… content that we dont think is the authoritative news Who are these raters? Any transparency? Platform or publisher?

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Twitter Web Client : Also leaked by Google was talk by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explaining what appear to be news and editorial decisions about authoritative and fake news.

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iPhone : A former Google engineer released nearly 1,000 docs he says prove #Google secretly and selectively boosts or demotes content, while publicly claiming to be a neutral platform.

The software engineer, #ZachVorhies, provided the docs to Project Veritas. theepochtimes.com/google-enginee…

Twitter for iPad : Journalists make mistakes. The Washington Post’s Marty Baron actually just printed this A1 retraction about Project Veritas last month. I want anyone to name one falsehood we’ve published in the last five years’ 100+ investigations. NAME ONE.

Twitter for iPad : Jared Holt Wait until you hear about this guy named Hunter Thompson. Sy Hersh made people on Army base think he was an attorney when he snuck around the base looking for Calley. You can’t have different standards for different folks. It’s only the truth of what’s published that matters.