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Bio Guerrilla Journalist. @Project_Veritas. Exposed Google “algorithmic fairness,” Twitter “Shadowbanning,” FB “deboosting.” On Signal at 914-653-3110. Be Brave.
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iPhone : En ce 15 août, j’ai souhaité déposer une des fleurs de la gerbe de la @villedenice devant les stèles de ces 23 fusillés qui n’avaient pas pu être fleuries par les familles de ces jeunes morts pour la France 🇫🇷

iPhone : Antifa attacks people on a bus. They try to pull them out and hit them with a hammer. #PortlandProtests

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iPhone : فريق التواصل DOS youtu.be/wWbAFjeM71o
أعلاه رابط أجوبتي،
بشأن زيارة دولة #سعد_الحريري
ل #واشنطن RT Arabic
١-لم يتوقع #لبنان منه
أنيشيل الزير من البير!
٢-اللبنانيون يدركون
حدوده وقيده!
٣-لا قدرة له أن يقدم لمحاوريه
ما لا يسمح حزب الله
الحاكم بالوسائط التي هي بنظره
صنائعه، مهما شمخ موقعها

iPhone : And yet Im still buying equities, metals, mining, VC/PE firms, rental Real Estate. If humanity survives, Ill be $ aight. Call me crazy!
Which will destroy Humanity first?
NASAs just revealed earth killing meteor, climate change, collapse of financial markets, nuclear war...

iPhone : If politicians wanted to keep black people poor, they should send them to Baltimore public schools

A report released in 2017 found that 13 high schools in Baltimore had ZERO students proficient in Math

90% of Black boys in Baltimore schools cannot read at grade level

iPhone : In fact, no country on earth has done more to overcome racial prejudice both in law and practice. Indeed, racism today is nearly universally rejected in America, which is why the left tries so hard to pin the label on its political opponents. twitter.com/betoorourke/st…

SocialFlow : A popular student leader said Catholics and other Christians should take a more visible role in protests against the government’s plans to allow extradition to mainland China. trib.al/bUO0qpF

Twitter Media Studio : Its not that Super Mario is radicalizing young shooters. Its Zelda.

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Twitter Web Client : The current ruling elite brought you...

- Iraq
- 2008 meltdown and the bailouts
- Outsourcing
- Obamacare
- Epstein

But you should totally trust them about...

- China
- Single payer
- Global warming
- Banning guns


Twitter Web App : The IS bombing in Kabul will be the norm if we withdraw from Afghanistan without a peace plan that includes all parties.

If not, the sheer violence of the 1990s Afghan civil war will reignite as soon as we leave, and another terrorist safe haven appears.

TweetDeck : JW announced it filed a fed lawsuit to prevent the CA SecState from implementing a new state law requiring all presidential candidates who wish to appear on CA’s primary ballot to publicly disclose their personal tax returns from the past 5 years. jwatch.us/JEJe5a

Twitter for iPad : Dont miss our latest episode of #BFT. buff.ly/303uAN7

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Twitter Web App : max power I am in favour of consistency.

If disproportionate representation in senior management is not a problem, then let’s dismantle diversity quotas.

If it is a problem, let’s talk about it everywhere.

TweetDeck : Trump loves America. I trust that whatever final decision he makes on the 2A issue will be the best for our great nation. I am sure he is listening to all Americans on this as it affects us all.

Please let your voices be heard.

I pray God grants him the wisdom of Solomon.

iPhone : Disturbing attacks against police officers are on the rise. A man who is doing his part to crack down on anyone who disrespects a police officer or the badge— New York State Assemblyman Assemblyman Mike LiPetri joined me live to discuss it all. twitter.com/JudgeJeanine/s…

Buffer : This Man’s Own Adult Stem Cells Saved His Life. Here’s What It May Mean For Future Research dailycaller.com/2019/08/18/man…

Twitter Web App : Same with almost all media, except Twitter. Newspapers, websites and cable news report whatever their readers/viewers want to hear. Truth is barely a consideration. twitter.com/AriFleischer/s…

Buffer : Nick Searcy blasts Geraldo Rivera over his defense of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar buff.ly/2KXkZB9

iPhone : There are lots of reasons Trump won’t get re-elected, from his racism to his authoritarianism to his incompetence. But it feels more and more like the driving reason is that Americans are just tired of him. His show is old and in reruns and folks just want to change the channel.

TweetDeck : Full interview with Charlie Kirk: bit.ly/2OYWGb5

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Sprout Social : This never gets old! #ampFW

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TweetDeck : Researchers found regarding legal prostitution, “the scale effect outweighs the substitution effect. In other words, there is more sex trafficking in countries with legalized prostitution than in countries where prostitution is prohibited.”


Twitter Web App : No police, we have peace

Over 1.7 m #HongKongProtesters condemn police violence in #HongKongs #VictoriaPark


Twitter Web App : There’s no such thing as an “online sales loophole.” Firearms purchased over the Internet must be processed through a local federally licensed dealer, which is required by law to confirm background checks on all buyers. twitter.com/kamalaharris/s…

iPhone : Beto may be way behind in the polls, but he does get first prize for most annoying and sanctimonious candidate twitter.com/betoorourke/st…

Twitter Web App : Trump promotes Andrew McCarthys book 11 hours after McCarthy says Trumps Hong Kong response might make him vote Democratic for the first time since 1992.

iPhone : We sent the very brave Anna Slatz to Portland to cover Antifa on Saturday. Her video footage has since been seen by millions of people on Twitter. This is her story in her own words:



Tweetbot for iΟS : Could the Democrat party please order this radical malcontent to keep it up through the general?

Android : Watching the #LLWS Classic on ESPN tonight and they did a PSA for #DontRetireKid, trying to get kids off video games, out of the house, and doing outside activities

Apparently there is a lot of concern about declining participation in physical youth sports as e-sports take over twitter.com/AspenInstSport…

TweetDeck : Hermitage of San Saturio, Soria (Spain) The current hermitage was built at the end of the 17th century, hanging over the rock beside the river Duero. The architect was Pedro de Ajín, in the middle of the baroque period

Zero Hedge Publisher II : McMaken: Why Joe Biden Is Winning The Gun-Control Debate zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-1…

Twitter Web App : For anyone keeping score, Warren publicly declared herself part Cherokee and part Delaware on her mothers side in this 2012 Senate campaign ad

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Twitter Web Client : Bidens corruption could almost make us forget his blundering, but not quite: Grassley, invoking Uranium One, probes Biden-linked sale of sensitive tech company to China fxn.ws/33FBc6G #FoxNews #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

Twitter Web App : Eliminate the minimum wage & more young people will be employed!!!!!!!!!! twitter.com/cvpayne/status…

iPhone : “My grandma is living in inhumane conditions so rather than visit her, I’m gonna use her for likes and retweets while my aggressively stupid supporters defend me by using meaningless words like ‘awareness.’”

Fixed it for you twitter.com/rashidatlaib/s…

Twitter Web App : Just a reminder of his exploits in case everyone has forgotten. He continues to deny the more egregious accusations. politico.com/story/2017/10/…

iPhone : The anti-police and anti-law enforcement rhetoric MUST STOP. Most especially from sitting members of our government.

It is unconscionable.

These men and women are HEROES. Nobody calls a politician when there is an active shooter.

#BackTheBlue #PhiladelphiaShooting

iPhone : when Jeffrey Epsteins medical examiner is on his deathbed and is asked how Epstein broke his neck by kneeling with force

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iPhone : Charlie Kirk I dont know about you but Im sick & tired of being called a racist.Have I failed at times, yes but a smart person realizes how/where the real hate comes from. Only an idiot keeps repeating the same hate over & over & over.

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