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iPhone : My baby trying so hard to relearn after her stroke.... please pray for her. Today is a hard day.

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iPhone : Breitbart News This is sad, doesn’t seem like these peace loving terrorist , that the squad claims to be misunderstood got the message of love. Oh my mistake they got the messsge it is hate and ok per squad because it is striking out against oppression. B—-Sh— it is hate!!

iPhone : Democrats are okay with:

Domestic abuser Keith Ellison as Minnesota AG

Antisemites Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar as congressmen

Ralph Northam as Virginia Governor

Yet they claim Trump is racist when he delivers record low minority unemployment?


iPhone : ANTIFA’s commitment to violence and anti-civil-liberties violence is a threat to the country. They are a dangerous domestic terror group.

iPhone : Byron York There is no systemic racism in America. The truth is white people do not get up everyday and spend their time and energy trying to stop black people. The only person in this country who can stop you from achieving your dreams is the person you look at in the mirror each morning ~

iPhone : Been asked about the facial hair while overseas. Trying to stay anonymous so the Russians don’t turn me over to Adam the Schiff or “Jerry-Jerry quite Contrary” Nadler. Whadda U think? Keep the beard and let it grow?

iPhone : Fact:

When Joe Biden was in the White House, he and Obama banned a member of the Israeli Knesset from entering the United States

They did however give a visa to P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas who was a part of ”decades of PLO terror”

Where was the Democrat outrage then?


iPhone : And she makes this statement like it is backed by fact but in truth is as hollow as her patriotism and is another lie in a long line of her on self serving lies and allegations. Keep talking you moronic imbecile. twitter.com/breitbartnews/…

iPhone : Mexican officials are on high alert to intercept lone wolf ISIS fighters attempting to enter the United States through the southern border

Instead of working with the President on immigration, Democrats would rather leave our border open to terrorism


iPhone : There’s a hidden tax on your airline ticket, and now some in Congress want to raise it even higher. Follow us to tell Congress that tax hikes won’t fly with you.