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iPhone : #HeartBroken my ass Liz! What is sick and wrong is the adults that forced this innocent child to walk for days in the desert without food and water! It was too late for her once border control intercepted to attempt to save her life. twitter.com/senwarren/stat…

iPhone : This is a blatant lie and Merkley knows it! The Democrats are enticing people with sanctuary cities to make dangerous journey with children:

Dem Sen. Merkley: Migrant Children Being Hurt 'Deliberately as Part of a Political Strategy'


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iPhone : Unbelievable! THIS is what we’ve warned abt & #Dems dont want to face nor admit!

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iPhone : In any other country these 8 saboteurs interfering with free elections & committing crimes to undermine an elected President & his government, would have been tried & most likely executed by now. So why, here in America have their deeds been ignored and they continue to plot⁉️

iPhone : This week's rant ..

Getting a close parking space shouldn't be your life's goal.

Getting more exercise should be!

iPhone : God Bless Trump & Our Military!

Obama never did this! You Demshits who fake tweet Trump insults our military...

NO! It was Odumbshit who depleted funding 4 them & placed them at highest risk!

#WreathsAcrossAmerica twitter.com/jamierodr10/st…

iPhone : Welcome to the West Bank

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iPhone : I'm tired of my ancestors compared to the migrants of today.

Settling in an undeveloped land and building a civilization out of it is different than showing up in a Post-industrial nation and signing up for benefits!

iPhone : Congratulations to Valdosta St Football and the entire #BlazerNation on winning the NCAA Division II National Championship! Go Blazers! #gapol

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iPhone : Rod Rosenstein WILL NOT ALLOW Gen. Flynn Interrogator Joe Pientka To Testify --Despite His Reported Willingness to DEFEND Flynn; TOP Deep State FBI & DOJ Are CORRUPT & HIDING EVIDENCE #PatriotsAwakened thegatewaypundit.com/2018/12/rod-ro…