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Echofon : So, Matt Hancock went to a hospital to address the issue of a patient being treated on the floor and he and his team were mobbed by Corbyn’s goons. Classy.

Echofon : Boris is leading Corbyn in Wales.…

Echofon : Conservatives set to make “significant gains” in Wales as Labours lead is cut, poll shows.…

Echofon : ICM: CON: 42%, LAB: 36%, LD: 12%, BRX: 3%

Echofon : He’s talking to people who are already going to vote for him.

Echofon : Why is Corbyn campaigning in Bristol West? Labour have a majority of 37 thousand.

Echofon : Gisela Stuart back out on the campaign trail with Boris Johnson.

Echofon : John McDonnell looks and sounds like a beaten man.

Echofon : Very blunt WhatsApp conversation with Labour candidate in key Tory target this morning.

“How’s it all going?”


Pretty tough out there for Labour candidates in leave seats 😬


Echofon : BBC Radio West Midlands: “What are you getting Carrie for Christmas?”
PM: “I’m going to get Brexit done”

Echofon : John McDonnell has lost it. Unpleasant, uninspiring speech, of mostly drivel, delivered like he was addressing a wake.

Echofon : John McDonnell saying that accurately reporting things he and Corbyn have said, “smears”, actually means the “MSM/Establishment” hate people.

Echofon : Why? Couldn’t you find a pot plant to talk to?…

Echofon : Regional sub-samples are not internally weighted. The poll is estimating national vote intention.

Also, Dr Bastani is incorrect about Labours performance in London. In 2015, Labour had 43.7%. In 2017, those rose to 54.5%.

#GeneralElection2019 #GE2019……

Echofon : Lewis Goodall: “It is perhaps Mr Corbyns greatest failure as leader that he provided no left wing alternative {to Brexit}”.…

Echofon : One killed, other people missing in New Zealand volcano eruption.…