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Bio Honored to represent the families of Missouris Eighth District in the United States House of Representatives. #mo8
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TweetDeck : "The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop" – P. J. O'Rourke. Funny line, but it contains a lot of truth.

TweetDeck : The 50 Yard Challenge exemplifies the spirit of this great country: Americans helping Americans. Every one of us could take a cue from Rodney Smith Jr. and lend a hand to those in need. bit.ly/2tfm9Pt

TweetDeck : Did you see these recent headlines? “U.S. Retail Sales Post Biggest Gain in 6 Months” and “U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fall” … Looks like the Trump economy is steaming ahead!

TweetDeck : Sometimes I get criticized for sleeping in my office and spending as little time in Washington as possible. But honestly, I just don’t feel comfortable in DC, and I don’t expect many Southern Missourians would either. bit.ly/2K2U6wY

TweetDeck : The AMA was big proponent of ObamaCare in 2009. No surprise they are pushing hard for gun control today. Maybe they should focus on, you know, medicine, rather than politics and government expansion. bit.ly/2K2T04k

TweetDeck : The House of Representatives has been working hard since January 2017 to get the people’s work done. With 500 House-passed bills awaiting Senate action, the Upper Chamber needs to step it up and get to work.

TweetDeck : Critical day in American history: #OTD in 1788 – 230 years ago today – New Hampshire ratifies the #Constitution, becoming 9th and final state of original 13 colonies needed for it to take effect.

TweetDeck : Love meeting with groups like the Southern Missouri students from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Youth Tour. I know our future is bright with young folks like these! bit.ly/2LZ1w1Q

TweetDeck : Among important bills waiting on Senate to Act: the REINS Act and SCRUB Act to combat excessive regs; the #ProLife Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act; and national concealed carry reciprocity. Long past time for the Senate to get moving!

TweetDeck : Senate liberals have forced more than 100 cloture votes on Trump nominees … compared to just 12 during first two years of Obama presidency. More than 180 nominees STILL awaiting Senate confirmation. #Obstruction

TweetDeck : Tomorrow’s the last day to send in your Spirit of America Award nomination for the SE Missourian’s contest. See semissourian.com/spirit for details.

TweetDeck : Big feature of #TaxCutsandJobsAct that helped spur the economy was the doubling of the Child Tax Credit. But this provision is only temporary. I have introduced a bill to make it permanent. Families planning for their future deserve some certainty from Washington.

TweetDeck : When Pelosi, Schumer & B. Sanders attack “the rich” – which means anyone from Bill Gates to the owners of a family farm or business – I am reminded of what Calvin Coolidge said: “Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.”

TweetDeck : Report on charitable giving shows U.S. gifts of $410 billion in 2017 – that’s more than entire GDP of countries Israel and Ireland. #Charity

TweetDeck : Generosity and compassion have always been quintessentially American traits. This latest news merely confirms that. fxn.ws/2MAK30L

TweetDeck : Get a load of this headline. The people who gave us Harvey Weinstein, Rosie O’Donnell, and Sean Penn are being called on to save the Dems’ bacon politi.co/2HFto8D