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Android : 3년 전 ㅂㄱㅎ 정권 때문에 대한민국이 뒤집혔을 때 보통 컴백주만 수록곡 무대하는데
컴백주도 아닌데 엠아롱 무대 다시하던 방탄 보고 찐이라고 생각했지

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Android : BTS_vote[꾸꾸진] 방탄소년단) 's Twitter Profile">방탄소년단 은행가서 신청했는데
직원 왈: 세 카드 오면 기존 카드는 잘라서 폐기해 주세요!
나: 네... (미쳤음? 굿즈를 왜 잘라버려? 세상에 그 이쁜 애들 얼굴을... 세상에나 ... 몰라도 너무 모르는 직원이다...헐헐)
이러고 왔어요.😅😅
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Android : Wow🌱 this image is the result of overlapping seven 방탄소년단 members. This is still so gorgeous. 💜
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This face is perfect for my ideal type..😅

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#PCAs #TheConcertTour #LoveYourselfSpeakYourself 방탄소년단

Android : In a highly unusual move, SuperM’s US-number one album sold thousands of copies here in Korea, helping secure the top spot on the other side of the world.…

Android : (I'm not tagging anyone in this for a reason so please DO NOT tag under this.)

The only reason to use shady loopholes so all your sales will be credited within a single country's industry is if you know you have no hope of succeeding *at all* otherwise. (thread)