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Twitter Web App : Adam Sternbergh Surprised that Vulture story didn’t raise the possibility of Logan sacrificing himself for the good of the company. I mean, he doesn’t have that much longer anyway.

Twitter Web App : Finally! Someone suggested a Snapchat filter to make the DOTARD tolerable and you know, they aren’t wrong! #trump #trumpwall #moot #moat #TrumpMeltdown

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Twitter Web App : Matt McDermott We have no way of judging the swinginess of the 6 swing voters Tavernise claims to have interviewed because we don’t know who they are. Bottom line: Tweet is confusing, but I don’t think the story uses the phrase “swing voters” (just “swinging,” once) and may not be at fault. 4/

Twitter Web App : Matt McDermott I think only three of the people interviewed in the story are portrayed as swing voters, and at least one seems pretty anti-Trump. Another is Donna, who, as you note, no longer seems to be a swing voter, if she ever was. 3/

Twitter Web App : Matt McDermott Maybe she interviewed six people and only one or two of them made it into the piece? Maybe she’s just giving us additional info that’s not in the piece? Tough to tell; it’s a somewhat opaque Tweet.

Twitter Web App : Matt McDermott Her Tweet is confusing. She says she spoke to six swing voters, but there are twelve voters quoted in the story. Ten reporters contributed to the story. It’s not clear which or how many of the people in the story she interviewed. 1/