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Bio Artist, sit-down #comedian, #EDM #producer/composer, with a black belt in the Moronic Arts.
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Twitter Web App : Dad told me that you had to be 18 to go into #DunkinDonuts.

Can you imagine 18 year old me showing up to the counter with my ID, saying “I am legal now, can I get my coffee please?”


Twitter Web App : Abby Oh I would be happy just to get a photo for my own memories. Methinks they may have loosened up their rules a bit because now they are a bit more responsive, liking a post here and there. I am a bit more hopeful now that my luck will change, fingers crossed, toes crossed. lol

Twitter Web App : Abby Methinks the company has some kind of NDA I cannot figure out.

Twitter Web App : In your opinion, what’s the most overused phrase in real estate?

Twitter Web App : REALTORS Reno for renovate and demo for demolish. How hard is it to say an extra syllable?

Twitter Web App : Get ready! Season 48 of The #PriceIsRight kicks off MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd and each day were surprising winners with incredible 🎈BONUS🎈 prizes!!!

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Twitter Web App : Autist Making Way I hear ya. I find listening to music helps me with my own self-beating. Mindfulness and deep breathing as well.

Twitter Web App : Abby I think people think I am crazy for wanting to do this, but I would love to take a photo holding the Price is Right mountain climber. I have loved that game show since I was a wee five year old. Gramma and Mom love that game too. Here is author Nora Roberts doing just that.

Twitter Web App : #WritingCommunity #writer
What’s a book (or series) you read in your youth you haven’t seen anyone mention?

The goal is to try for no repeat answers. Good luck!