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iPhone : how many breakdowns have you had today?

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iPhone : No one:

TXST students: it’s not seaweed, it’s actually the endangered Texas wild rice that only grows the beautiful San Marcos River

iPhone : caught my dog on the house camera being a total drama queen
(Claire Wolstenholme FB)

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iPhone : The cats movie trailer looks like if somebody who just learned what a fursona is tried to direct The Polar Express

iPhone : #Neuralink recap:
- electrodes device can read & write in brain to computer
- allow blind to see, paralytics to control computers, restore sense of touch
- very light surgery like lasik
- treats brain diseases
- superintelligence & telepathy - Elon Musk…

iPhone : *neuralink scientists cautiously explain for an hour how their new technology might open up some new science*

elon musk: you'll be able to pay off the loan for the brain computer with superhuman intelligence