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Twitter Web App : Kireau Don't understand your question. What crimes is FaceBook charged with and how does that relate to my explanation that I erroneously omitted friend's name who wrote the Passover poem from Twitter but included it on FB. FB was allegedly under investigation a year ago, but no charges

Twitter Web App : Wayne Bibbs Please read what she said. Her comment was that McConnell wasn't letting Trump drain the swamp and lower RX prices, something Trump has never attempted to do. He has, with McConnell's help, brought worse than swamp-dwellers to the admin and done zero on drug prices.

Twitter Web App : Kireau You have a good point, but likely social distancing is why there were no exit polls. Besides, the only poll that matters is the vote results. I'm willing to wait until next Monday.

Twitter Web App : Coding Commanders Bernie Sanders Joe Biden) 's Twitter Profile">Joe Biden You can and I'm hoping you will see the need to remove Trump which means voting for Joe Biden) 's Twitter Profile">Joe Biden. He has the most liberal platform that any general election candidate has ever had plus experience and empathy. I should have said ask and please!

Twitter Web App : Kathleen Kireau Actually there is a good reason for the delay. The 13th is when mail ballots are due so they cannot announce results until then. Nothing suspicious. Sorry I raised the issue. Got answer from the Joe Biden campaign.

Twitter Web App : TY Bernie Sanders for your contribution to Democratic policy & for stepping aside now. Please do more to assure Trump's defeat: 1. Endorse Joe Biden & 2. Tell your BernieBros they shld/must join you for Biden.

Bernie Sanders ends his presidential campaign washingtonpost.com/politics/berni…