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iPhone : Domino’s pizza once again fucked up and delivered to my place when I didn’t order and I deadass wrote Eugene Krab’s when signing for the pizza lmao

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iPhone : Sarah Sanders is an ugly lying cross eyed ho that can’t keep a straight face to save her job for anything distorted bitch twitter.com/cnn/status/102…

iPhone : Fitzy That’s not you is it because that was too quick I’m honestly impressed how it looks within that timeframe next Halloween costume for sure 😂

iPhone : I go to watch the new AOT episode and see Shippuden dubbed still hasn’t finished even though it’s been over a year. Honestly kys if you watch dubbed anything that’s embarrassing.

iPhone : If you don’t shut your stupid racist clown ass up. Mueller has made you his paranoid puppet since day 1, you can’t stop talking about him you guilty fuck. twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…

iPhone : I’m late finishing the Harry Potter movies but that Voldemort fight was fucking weak. That’s what we were waiting for since 2001. After the Goblet of fire it went downhill man I expected more.

iPhone : I was laughing so much I started choking they really subbed it tho twitter.com/ccentipedee/st…

iPhone : So you’re a female but you’re not interested in Naruto or anime in general? Bitch get outta my face lol.