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Twitter Media Studio : This afternoon, I'll be discussing Donald Trump's recent actions in Syria and how his erratic, impulsive decisions endanger our troops and make us all less safe. Tune in at 5PM ET to watch live:…

Twitter Media Studio : Unlike President Trump, I know what it takes to negotiate with Erdoğan. And if I were president, I would make him pay a heavy price for what he has done.

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Twitter Media Studio : The events of this past week in Syria have made clear just how dangerous Donald Trump is to our national security, to our leadership around the world, and to the lives of our brave men and women serving in uniform.

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Twitter Media Studio : .Donald J. Trump, you want to talk about corruption? I’ve released 21 years of my tax returns — release yours or shut up.

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Twitter Media Studio : I wont need any on-the-job training. Ill be ready on day one. #DemDebate

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Twitter Media Studio : I’m relying on your support to power my campaign. Together, I know we can defeat Donald Trump and protect our democracy. Just $5 can make a difference. Chip in today:

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Twitter Media Studio : Its time we pick our heads up and remember who we are. This is the United States of America — there is not a single thing we cannot do if we do it together.

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TweetDeck : I just stepped off the #DemDebate stage, where I laid out my bold vision for the country and how I’ll deliver real progress for working families.

If you liked what you heard tonight, help us keep our momentum going by pitching in:…

Twitter Media Studio : We have an erratic, crazy president who knows not a damn thing about foreign policy and operates out of fear for his own re-election. #DemDebate

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Twitter Media Studio : Joe Biden is the only candidate on the #DemDebate stage who has actually beaten the NRA — and he did it twice.

As president, he will ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines once again. #DemDebate

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TweetDeck : Let’s put this in perspective: if you eliminate every single solitary soldier, tank, satellite, nuclear weapon, eliminate the Pentagon and it would only pay for 4 months of Medicare for All. 4 months.

Where do the other 8 months come from? Your paycheck. #DemDebate

TweetDeck : Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. Period.

As president, Joe Biden will stand up to attacks on a woman’s constitutional right to choose and enshrine Roe into federal law. #DemDebate

Twitter Media Studio : Medicare for All will cost at least $30 trillion over 10 years — and it will be paid for in part by raising taxes on middle class families.

Joe Biden has a better plan — he will protect and build on Obamacare to ensure everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.

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TweetDeck : Joe Biden has a bold plan to end our gun violence epidemic. But it’s going to take more than plans—it’s going to take leadership and a proven ability to get things done.

Hes banned assault weapons and high-capacity magazines before & hell do it again.

Twitter Media Studio : Three — thats how many times President Trump asked foreign governments to interfere in our political process.

Why? Because hes scared. He knows Joe Biden will beat him like a drum. #DemDebate

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TweetDeck : The United States has a vital national interest in Syria to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS. We know that this terrorist group plotted to attack our homeland in the past, and we cannot let that threat re-emerge. #DemDebate

TweetDeck : Donald Trump betrayed our partners in the Syrian Democratic Forces and put at risk our gains against ISIS. This is a disaster of his own making. #DemDebate