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iPhone : In 2006/2010, the party "riding the wave" won an average of 57% of Toss Ups, 19% of opposite Leans, & 9% of opposite Likely races per CookPoliticalReport ratings.

In 2018, Dems won/are leading in 57% of Toss Ups, 7% of Lean R races & 3% of Likely races. In the House, this was a wave.

iPhone : I've never seen anything like this. Sen. Rubio is effectively accusing the elections supervisor in Broward County of holding votes in reserve in some fashion to use tactically in a recount.…

iPhone : Carlson's show is awful. Don't watch it. Boycott his advertisers. Complain to Fox. Picket in front of Fox.
But leave the man and his family alone. You want to complain about Trump turning America into a banana republic? This is *also* banana republic bullshit, but from the left.…

iPhone : Just to be clear, you can have an acting Attorney General. See e.g. Sally Yates. But you cannot have an acting AG who had not been through a confirmation process for an AG position. Yates was confirmed as a Deputy AG. Whitaker has not.

iPhone : Utter Trumpian BS, Senator.

Instead of spewing false conspiracy theories, let our democracy work.

Just, chill.…

iPhone : I did it when he celebrated the death of Breitbart. So his comments on Tucker are not surprising.…

iPhone : To put this #BlueWave in context:

38 House pickups would easily be the most by Democrats since 1974

It would give Pelosi a bigger majority than Hastert ever had during his 8 years as speaker

7 governor pickups is the most for any party since 1994…

iPhone : This thread is bonkers. Rubio is alleging an election-stealing conspiracy based on nothing at all.…

iPhone : NV blue wave?
There were 6 GOP constitutional officers; now: 1.
There was a GOP U.S. senator before Tues; not anymore.
2 at-risk D House districts stayed D. Large margins.
There were 27 D Assembly seats; now: 29.
There were 11 D state Senate seats; now: 13.
That is a wave.

iPhone : All editors and EPs should focus on the ongoing counts in Georgia and Florida. Kemp tried to rig the election in plain sight of the world. And some numbers in Florida don’t add up, even as Nelson and Gillum get within striking distance. #RecountFlorida #RecountGeorgia…

iPhone : It might be nice, it might be nice, to have strong Executive power theorist John Yoo on your side....…

iPhone : Sometimes, Florida elections aren't decided on Election Day.

In fact, we now have SIX that are heading to recounts, including the race for governor

iPhone : Yes, the White House press office is sharing a manipulated video that makes it appear that Acosta was menacing the intern when he was not and did not. The intern reached over Acosta to grab the microphone while he was trying to ask another q and Acosta tried to pull away.…

iPhone : I’m just an unfrozen cave man professor, and not a lawyer, but I am curious how the timing of this firing isn’t on its face an obvious intent to obstruct. One memo or one staffer ratting out this process would be a case that makes itself.…