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iPhone : Will be interesting to see if Theresa May now votes for it. Or if it was only a prime minister who couldn’t and now she’s a backbencher it’s fine…

iPhone : Emily Thornberry has just shouted ‘Bollocks’ to Alok Sharma’s speech on international affairs. It’s almost the first honest word in the debate

iPhone : Tom Peck Moore also wanted to be allowed to die of bowel cancer rather than receive nanny state letters from NHS telling him he was eligible for a test

iPhone : But what about those Tory MPs inc Johnson who sniped at May when she actually had a better deal?…

iPhone : Either the government sends out Robert ‘Baldric’ Jenrick because they think he’s too stupid to realise he’s expendable. Or they really don’t have anyone better. Not a great look #Newsnight

iPhone : This is such irresponsible framing from The Times. It parrots prejudice that disabled children are a drain, a high cost harming the education of ‘normal’ pupils. If you want to blame someone, try the Tories who’ve starved SEND of funding.… (via Pip Green)

Twitter Web App : Boris telling everyone Britain is the greatest place on Earth is another way of telling Johnny Foreigner that their countrries are shit holes. Tomorrow's Potemkin Queen's Speech debate on the froeign affairs should be a laugh