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Android : Julie Bindel Women & Equalities Committee I know the scandalous treatment of women victims of sexual violence in the criminal justice system. The lives of women I love have been touched - an inadequate word - by rape. I wrote this, referring to you, which was tweeted out by a cabinet minister.…

Android : Scott Wortley For sure. We all know how poor lawyers take the path of least legal resistance and I have no difficulty in believing there are occasions when safe spaces are insufficiently protected - indeed I think Ive tweeted about one such...

Android : For all of you who have asked to hear the recording of the phone call where Boris Johnson is clearly heard agreeing to help to have a journalised seriously assaulted, here is is.

Again, the Conservatives would not want this RT’d:

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Android : "A bill passed by the House of Lords yesterday would compel Boris Johnson to ask for an extension.

But in a message sent to Conservative members last night, Mr Johnson said that is something he would 'never do'."…

Android : Parenthetically, this 'explanation' is palpable nonsense even on its own terms. The Charlatan carried on insisting, and on multiple occasions, we would leave on 31 October, long after Parliament passed the Benn Act.

How do tell when Boris Johnson is lying? His lips are moving.

Android : I see a man with a mandate from 160,000 members of the Conservative Party is still describing the will of Parliament with a mandate from 46 million as an "abomination".

Who exactly is "taking back control"? Johnson and his hedge funder backers?…

Android : Great piece by Naomi Smith refuting some of the gibbering conspiracy theory nonsense lobbed at Best for Britain's tactical voting site earlier in the week…