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Bio Director @GoodLawProject. Barrister @DevereuxLaw. Blogs Represented by Antony Topping.
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iPhone : Would you pay $150 million dollars for this painting? Frederik Balfour tells us more about Sothebys latest auction #tictconews

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iPhone : If seeing this sort of thing when you are out walking infuriates you, tell us what you think of the suggestion that you should confront irresponsible owners:…
< and do RT so that others can give their view too.

iPhone : Today is #ANZACDay – which honours the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

Android : Gov. Mike Huckabee No, you are incorrect. The line of police was there to prevent Alfies Army a protest group from entering the hospital and causing further disruption to the life saving treatment of other patients. Would you have allowed protesters to storm hospitals in your state?

Harry Potter and emmerdale addict, hypnosis student, retro chick 🎉🌺❤️🎂🍰🌟🍹

iPhone : So Cambridge Uni (Endowment Fund £6.3 Billion!!) receive £15.8 million pa from oil companies but their students want the Fund to stop investing in BP. Snowflake hypocrisy or what! Easy answer: Hey BP! Don’t give ‘em the money! They’ll scrape by on over six billion quid!

Android : های.بیاییم،،در تلاطم تغییرات
باشیم ((ای ایرانی آزاد👍👏✌
از تغییر نترس شاید خیلی
چیزها رو ازت بگیره
اما فرصت های جدید رو با خودش میاره
Just president

iPhone : Favourite conversation today - with a BBC Radio Producer:

Them: Sorry, sorry. Problem on the line. We thought you said libraries were statutory in prisons but not schools.

Me: Yup, thats right

[Long pause]

Them: But thats *nuts*