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iPhone : it was an ongoing joke through our Unbelievable music video that after the shoot was done we would all streak through the desert... then we all actually for real did it, and the film crew who was still there filmed it 😂😂😂 actually so much fun, i’d recommend it to anyone!

iPhone : this is called a loco moco. it’s basically 2 eggs over a burger with some mushrooms and rice. i really am in love with the way it tastes. gotta come back to hawaii asap

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iPhone : swam with sea turtles and did wayyy crazier cliff jumping today... filmed the whole thing too so expect some video content soon! hawaii is one of my favorite places i’ve ever been. gonna be coming back here a lot in my lifetime.

iPhone : so fun to see all your initial reactions to the new tune. thank you all so much for the incredible support, it really does mean the absolute world. keep spreading the word. love u so much. #UNBELIEVABLEOUTNOW

iPhone : i really love this song, and it’s out now for you all to hear. #UNBELIEVABLEOUTNOW

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