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iPhone : When ones wakes up past the illusion, they may find that extraterrestrial life is already here, and both positive and negative species have been interacting with humankind for a while.…

Twitter Web App : I understand that I choose a very direct, no bullshit approach when it comes to truth telling. It tends to rub some the wrong way, and they can misconstrue passion for ego-aggression. Just remember, you can hardly know the real someone based off the internet. We're all learning.

iPhone : I can’t wait to see what sorts of secrets are buried under the ice in Antarctica that glacial melt may start to unveil.…

iPhone : Tucker Carlson likely doesn’t realize what’s he’s dealing with here. This is a higher-ups issue. It would be incredible Carlson & Hannity has the freedom to vary up their info, but the rollout of Delonge/TTSA has been a media push originating from deep levels.

iPhone : Kabamur You can very easily talk about UFOs/ET life and yet also expose the limited hangouts trying to capitalize on their version of UFO “disclosure”. Why does this seem to trigger you? I’m putting a no bullshit energy out there, “negativity” is only your perception of it because... 🤷‍♂️

iPhone : Tucker Carlson had another segment on UFOs last night. Luis Elizono was his guest. Elizondo is apart of Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy.

I love the fact that UFOs are hitting the mainstream.

I don’t love the fact that the media is offering us the gatekeepers and half-truths

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iPhone : Sandy Toes Kabamur Tucker Carlson It’s not negative bullshit, it’s the truth. Luis Elizondo is apart of Tom Delonge’s “To The Stars Academy”, filled with a bunch of ex-CIA guys, and connected to John Podesta and other Deep State folk. Don’t get mad at me when information makes you uncomfortable