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Twitter Web App : “Normally, once a military op finishes a stabilisation phase follows,” says Nicholas A Heras. “Objective of conquerors usually to get civilians to return so they can solidify power. But that’s not what has happened here. Worst case scenario now is we see a repeat of Afrin” 7/

Twitter Web App : Kurds watch their homes burn from afar as picture of 'ethnic cleansing' emerges—from ⁦Josie Ensor⁩…

iPhone : “Kill the pigs, kill the infidels” shouted a Syrian rebel fighter as he went door-to-door looking for the homes of Kurds in Ras al-Ain. Great reporting by Josie Ensor on the impact of the Turkish invasion in northeast Syria…

Twitter Web App : كتلهم يرجعون للبيوت مو عادل عبدالمهدي ؟؟! حيل سامعين الكلام الشباب ..
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Twitter Web App : A new sign erected in Ras al-Ayn - written in Arabic with a Turkish translation, but no Kurdish - was unveiled earlier this month by the SNA. Displaced Kurdish residents said this sign makes them think they will never be returning home 6/

Twitter Web App : “Is it ethnic cleansing? I cant be the judge, said Arta FM journalist Rodi Ayo from Ras al-Ayn. But it is like the Kurds are prayer beads and the rebels have cut the string. They don’t want to destroy the beads, they just want them to scatter and become lost 5/

Twitter Web App : Luke McGee As a never-sweater, I can tell you it's no fun. But, judging from old pictures, I don't think Prince Andrew is a member of our Never Sweat club.

Twitter Web App : Ali Hawaz Yacoub and his family owned acres of farmland growing wheat and barley in Ras al-Ayn (in Arabic) or Serê Kaniyê (in Kurdish), which translates literally as head of the spring. SNA burned his house down because they found YPG martyr poster of his brother up on wall 4/

Twitter Web App : We reviewed various SNA militia Fbook pages, as well as nearly a dozen videos shared by Kurds from Ras al-Ayn now seeking refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan. Taken together, they present a picture of deliberate demographic engineering that some say amount to ethnic cleansing 3/

Twitter Web App : One displaced Ras al-Ayn resident showed us a video of houses in his village being looted and commandeered. In the footage, he said, was an Arab neighbour pointing out to SNA fighters which were the houses of Kurds and which Arabs, Syriacs, Armenians etc 2/

Twitter Web App : According to accounts from Bardarash camp, those who have been allowed back to Ras al-Ayn have been made to answer a series of questions by rebels from the Syrian National Army: the first being “are you Arab or Kurd?” 1/…

Twitter Web App : Imagine looking at these three orphans and deciding theyre a security risk 2/

Twitter Web App : There's something deeply, deeply troubling about this woman. "The rescue operation was abandoned at the last minute because Priti Patel felt the children posed 'security concerns'.”…

Twitter Web App : I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

Twitter Web App : Gregg Carlstrom Another Saudi-linked billionaire businessman. But it's not all bad, this one has 30 years more experience and wisdom than the last