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iPhone : Why does this video game character sound like nicole byer

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Twitter Web App : A curious newborn giraffe explored its enclosure at a Belgian Zoo, discovering its surroundings and spending time with mom Barbie. abcn.ws/2u79baE

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iPhone : #BarnumFinancialGroup mentioned again for our partnership with SoFi- to help financial advisors launching careers with their student loan debt. nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/tac…

Twitter Web App : Adding Paul Levinsons new CD Welcome Up to the rotation on Wednesday, release date Feb 7th! twitter.com/PaulLev/status…

iPhone : One of the Irish guys I work with goes “well, mcgregor’s a tad problematic bu’ ya can’t help yerself from luvin dat sonofabitch”

and the two other Irish guys just nodded in agreement and went “right right right”

it was all truly adorable


iPhone : A Bronx legend. A baseball legend. #HOF2020

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Twitter Web App : Today I officially declare NYCT Subway as my nemesis. From this day forward we are sworn enemies and if I didn’t need you I would do everything in my power to destroy you.

iPhone : The youngest millennials are 24 this year.

The oldest millennials are 39 this year.

We’re not kids. “Ask a millennial if they know what this is” isn’t funny and just shows your ignorance.

Millennial isn’t just a general term for anyone younger than you.

iPhone : While transplants on Twitter derided Adams for sounding like a nativist, he might appeal to both conservative whites and many black New Yorkers by uniting them around something they can agree on: the people who came here after them are the worst cityandstateny.com/articles/polit…

Twitter Web App : There is such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action. Martin Luther King, Jr 🇺🇸

iPhone : Hello, my name is Sterling & I’m here for you. We all have our struggles & fears, but no one should fight them alone. Let’s remember to be kind to each other, there for each other & ask for the help we need because everyone deserves to live free, happy & healthy.✊🏿 #ThisIsUs

iPhone : Here’s my view as I listen to the #impeachment trial. Very #NewYork! Though maybe I should be at #trump tower?

Twitter Web App : Travel ban expansion could include immigration restrictions on additional countries, sources say

iPhone : Ladies, if you’re over 5’9” you need to take off the heels, put on some running shoes, and run into my arms because I am trying to bring you home to meet my mother.

Android : Look who is now eligible for the Portuguese National team... 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

31/CDM in his prime that doesnt occupy an international roster spot (depending on continent)

Instagram : I promise you guys are really going to like Cocaine... especially when I’ve got my full band behind me. I’m getting high just thinking about it 🤪 I CAN’T WAIT FOR FEB 20! #cocaine #thesong #newmusic… instagram.com/p/B7mXMUqBKrv/…

iPhone : Happy 98th Birthday to the one and only Betty White #XCVIII Betty White

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Instagram : Last Saturday at @dipiazzas was a good time
#reelbigfish #steppingout #victorykid #manickatrecords #dipiazzas #skapunk #ska #punk #indieband @ DiPiazza’s instagram.com/p/B7XSXG8pHdC/…

Dynamic Signal : The holidays are a time of celebration, but they can also be stressful. More small businesses have begun participating in Cyber Monday to help you stress less #SmallBusinessCyberMonday #BigLove4SmallBusiness #GiftGuide #iwork4thehartford bit.ly/2P8LKoj

Sprout Social : Lets get outside more. The view of mother nature is simply wonderful. @katiedoch in Machu Picchu.

iPhone : A LIDS EMPLOYEE, ONE WEEK AGO: Are you sure, sir? No ones ever bought that one before. Its kinda just for display.

Twitter Web App : Heres how an official Super Bowl football gets made cnn.it/2GgngFJ

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iPhone : After credible evidence #PS752 was shot down, many airlines are canceling flights to Tehran, including #LH600, which turned around mid-flight.

iPhone : On Saturday (1/25), WAC will be taking 20 students to the SPYSCAPE Museum! If you’re interested in coming, they will be tabling in the McGinley lobby on Thursday (1/23) @ 5:30pm. Come join us for an awesome trip — MetroCards will be provided!🧬🕶🕴🏼

Twitter Web App : Spoke to fellow WFUV Sports alum Connell McShane for the #JournalismToday podcast. He worked for Don Imus for 7 years, and sums up the I-Mans legacy.


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iPhone : Conflicted between happiness that it’s already Tuesday and sadness that it’s only Tuesday.

Socialbakers : Hong Kong’s little-known “ice rooms”. 🥶❄️ bbc.com/travel/story/2…

iPhone : BOM fans are the best fans 💛 Tag us in your TikTok videos

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SocialFlow : The same 10 teams as the previous week comprise the rankings, albeit in shuffled order. trib.al/xYJuIA5

iPhone : My therapist doesn’t want to admit that I’m her favorite patient, and, as I have learned in therapy, that’s ABOUT HER

Instagram : I’m a summer man at heart, but every season has its beauty and majesty, and I’m very grateful for all that winter is teaching me this time ‘round. @ Jacobsburg Trail instagram.com/p/B7gwp1PhpHK/…

iPhone : .Fordham Basketball picks up the W at home against GW with a final score of 59-54. Jalen Cobb led the team with a career-high 22 pts!

The Rams are back in action Sunday at SLU for a 3PM game in the Chaifetz Arena.


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iPhone : Every so often, I re-read Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. While some of the injustices may have changed, his poetic brilliance, moral clarity, and tests of conscience still reverberate today. Take a moment to reflect on his righteous call: theatlantic.com/magazine/archi…

Twitter Web App : every once in a while I remember the time in freshman year when our theology professor took the class on a small field trip hike. we were all like oh itll be easy, hes old, and then dude showed up with full gear - trekking poles and all - and absolutely fucking wrecked us

Hootsuite Inc. : “The best advice doesn’t always come from someone who’s older than you or has more experience.” -- Rich Jeanneret EY; father, #LGBTQ #ally, #OUTLEADER, Northeast Region Managing Partner at EY US ow.ly/w2WN50xYuAb

Instagram : Keeping track of the days between the US and Japan has been tricky, but with an hour remaining on #nationalcomingoutday I wanted to share my story and what being Out has brought into my life.
Growing up, I… instagram.com/p/B3gMiQkJcMt/…

Theatre junkie. Sports fanatic. VP, Business Development at ShopRunner. Producer, @TheCherShow and @CruelMusical @DukeAlumni @HBSAlumni

iPhone : Delta There’s a lot you can do. Starting with working on crappy service. The flight I’m on now left me with water spilled on me by a flight attendant. Gets worse every single time.

iPhone : Rutgers selects Holloway to be its next president (UPDATED) - ROI-NJ. This is great news! Congratulations to Jonathan Holloway and Rutgers University! roi-nj.com/2020/01/19/edu…

GMS Web Pro App : Uptown 6 trains will run via the express track from 42 St-Grand Central to 125 St while we get assistance for a sick customer at 51 St.

iPhone : We remember the life & legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In his sermon, the Drum Major Instinct, his message was simple: All of us can be great because all of us can serve: youtu.be/tBiFnDuCJIU
May we never forget: “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

iPhone : Related story: first time I called my now best friend, a boy, in grade school, I said “Hi, is Chris there?” (I’d rehearsed it.) “She’s in the shower right now, can you call back?” I was like, Chris is a she? How’d I mess that up? Turns out he’s Christopher, his mom is Chris. twitter.com/PJVogt/status/…

Im really good at going to brunch. Irish American, Fordham alum, digital strategy consultant, and national champion rowing coach