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Twitter Web App : honest journalists have a responsibility not to pretend an allegation has merit just because one side levels it at the other side

politicians can say anything

if you see it’s bogus, say it’s bogus

critical thinking…

iPhone : He doesn’t get a say. The law gives DNI 7 days to forward the whistleblower’s complaint, not just a partial transcript of a call, once the IG makes the call. This lawless president must be forced to follow the law, or it’s forever broken as is our system of checks & balances.…

iPhone : Flagrant

June 12: Trump tells GeorgeStephanopoulos hed take dirt from foreign power against political opponent

June 13: Chair of Federal Election Commission issues strong warning thats illegal👇

July 25: Trump presses Ukraine president 8 times in phone call for dirt on Joe Biden

iPhone : MaureenC It’s a highly technical statute. For instance, one requirement is that a public official or person selected is involved, so none of Trump’s preelection conduct would count. & that’s just the first element of proof on the statute. It’s complicated.

iPhone : Next week in Dallas, a former police officer who shot & killed a neighbor & claims she thought it was her apartment & he was an intruder, goes on trial. This article explores how victims’ families prepare for trial & the complexities of this case.…

Twitter Web App : Of all the irony, I'm reminded today that there is a statute that uses the term "collude" to define a criminal violation. 18 USC 201, the bribery statute, prohibits among other things, accepting or receiving something in exchange for colluding in a fraud against the US.

iPhone : If Trump is going to confirm the conduct the whistleblower complained to the IG about, what possible reason is there for withholding the substance from Congress, especially when the law requires it?…

Twitter Web App : How much did Vice President Mike Pence know about Trump's alleged effort to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden's family in return for military aid? Fmr. federal prosecutor Joyce Alene says Americans need answers.