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iPhone : Turley’s effort to justify giving Trump a pass because we live in a time of “more rage than reason” is mystifying. If you read the founding father’s words, Trump is the President they wrote impeachment into the Constitution to protect against.

iPhone : Professor Karlan: The Constitution is indifferent to who the next president of the United States is...all it cares about is that we have free and fair elections.

iPhone : I’m enjoying the GOP demands for roll call votes on procedural motions, thinking ahead to the prospect of Senate Republicans having to go on record on each article of impeachment-telling voters if they believe a president-a future one not just this one-can do what Trump did.

iPhone : I should add I agree with his opening comment that impeachment isn’t about whether we like a president (& I would add, his policies) or not. It’s about whether his conduct violates the Constitution. We should set aside tribalism & consider Trump’s conduct & the law.

iPhone : It’s notable the Turley distances himself from Trump, didn’t vote for him, doesn’t support him he says. He’s the GOP witness. The fact that they felt the need to do this is very telling about the weakness of their defense of the President.

iPhone : Turley should also review, at a minimum, the bribery and campaign finance crime laws if he thinks there isn’t evidence Trump has committed crimes. Crimes aren’t necessary for impeachment, but they are apparent here.

iPhone : Prof Turley starts by saying this impeachment hearing is similar to Clinton’s. Of course it’s not. Clinton didn’t use the power of the presidency to try to extract valuable help for his re-election campaign from a foreign leader & endangering our national security to do so.

iPhone : Prof. Karlan’s closing point: protecting our elections from foreign influence & upholding the Constitution means that a president should resist foreign interference in our government, not demand it or tolerate it. She says Trump must be held accountable to the law.

iPhone : Karlan characterizes Trump’s conduct: “A president who has doubled down on violating his oath to uphold the Constitution.” Asks what you’d think if a president conditioned Hurricane aid to your state on the Gov. investigating a political opponent-you’d think he was corrupt.

iPhone : And, we’re off, with Prof. Pam Karlan schooling Rep. Collins on his insulting comments toward scholar witnesses. Now discussing the American tradition of insuring fair elections, including those who fought & died on the battlefield to protect these rights.

iPhone : .⁦Rep. Terri A. Sewell, who is from Selma, writes about Congress’ obligation to protect our rights:⁩ “Our democracy is a work in progress, but we must ensure it is not taken hostage by those who put their own interests over those of the American people.”…

iPhone : At trial, the judge instructs the jury on the law they should apply to the evidence, the facts, they’ve heard during the trial. Today’s House Judiciary Dems hearing is something akin to that. But Lindsey Graham gave a perfect summary during the Clinton impeachment.…

iPhone : It's time for people to get off the sidelines and fight for what they believe in. That's why I’ve made a huge decision -- I’m running to be Westchester’s next District Attorney! Will you be one of the first to join my campaign?