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iPhone : BTW, if you are an ATT customer and have had your service terminated recently for non-payment, please contact me

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iPhone : Hi AT&T

On March 18 your CEO said publicly the company won’t cut off anyone’s cell phone for non-payment during the pandemic

But I’m hearing from people who have had their ATT wireless disconnected this week

They’ve tried to call but can’t get through to anyone

What gives?

TweetDeck : Small businesses are on the verge of collapse.

Mnuchin acknowledged the existing pool (350B) is running out quickly. Unclear if/when they will be approved.

Kudlow's family should not be receiving taxpayer money.

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TweetDeck : Before joining the White House, Larry Kudlow made 800K/year and reported up to $2M in assets

Now, he makes 183K per year and at least 250K in outside income

Today Kudlow said his wife, a painter, applied for small business bailout money



TweetDeck : Can someone explain to me why, in a time of extreme crisis that requires a nimble government response, the Senate is on vacation until April 20?

TweetDeck : 10. Petco) 's Twitter Profile">Petco is also offering dog grooming services during the pandemic. They never stopped. And unlike @Petsmart, Petco) 's Twitter Profile">Petco is keeping their LA locations open.


TweetDeck : 9. PetSmart has spent over $11 million since January on national TV ads promoting grooming services. The ads were airing on Sunday and Monday.

Grooming services are a major profit center for the company. Margins on selling dog food are slim


TweetDeck : PetSmart) 's Twitter Profile">PetSmart 8. PetSmart) 's Twitter Profile">PetSmart says they are reopening salons because “so many...associates have asked us to.”

But in a private Facebook group for employees, hundreds of Petsmart workers are expressing fear and alarm at the decision


TweetDeck : 7. At no point does @Petsmart say that employees should comply with law enforcement or public health officials who ask them to close the dog grooming salon to protect public safety.


TweetDeck : 6. PetSmart contemplates run-ins w/law enforcement and gives employees talking points to resist officials who ask them to close to protect public safety.

“We have been given direction from our corporate offices that we are allowed to operate.”


TweetDeck : 5. Corporations need to be held accountable for their actions in a pandemic.

I believe corporations treat their workers more fairly when they know people are watching.

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TweetDeck : PetSmart) 's Twitter Profile">PetSmart) 's Twitter Profile">PetSmart 4. @Petsmart says this is being done “in accordance with government orders.”

I asked them why all the LA salons were open when the city said it was prohibited

In response @Petsmart said they were closing all their salons in LA


TweetDeck : PetSmart 3. Petsmart also recognizes that groomers will need to violate social distancing guidelines

For example, groomers may need to help each other lift large dogs onto a table

But Petsmart says they can maintain distance by lifting OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE DOG


TweetDeck : PetSmart 2. The internal guidance says employees should accept pets from people WHO SAYS THEY ARE COVID-19 POSITIVE or who show up with symptoms.

They should groom the pet with PPE

What if PPE are unavailable? Groom the pet anyway and just don't touch your face


TweetDeck : 1. The coronavirus is still spreading rapidly in the US

More than 1,000 Americans are dying each day.


I obtained the internal guidance for Petsmart staff.

And it's breathtaking.