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iPhone : Julia questions Chancellor Sajid Javid over his party’s 100 day plan: “You’re saying you want to improve education, the NHS, homelessness, but your party’s been in power for the past nine years.” Listen live ► talkradio.co.uk/live

Julia Hartley-Brewer | Sajid Javid

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iPhone : Where is Diane Abbott?

Listen live ► talkradio.co.uk/live | Julia Hartley-Brewer | Diane Abbott

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iPhone : Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill reacts to the Turner Prize being awarded to all four nominees: “It’s further proof that millennials ruin everything.” Listen live ► talkradio.co.uk/live

Julia Hartley-Brewer | spiked

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iPhone : The world is laughing at President Trump. They see him for what he really is: dangerously incompetent and incapable of world leadership.

We cannot give him four more years as commander in chief.

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iPhone : John Longworth and three other Brexit MEPs, including Anunziata Rees-Mogg, to do a mass resignation this morning and tell supporters to vote Conservative.

iPhone : How The Daily Express and The Daily Mail report Boris Johnson being found by the Supreme Court to have misled the Queen to unlawfully suspend Parliament.


How they report Jeremy Corbyn thinking the the Queens speech is a bit earlier on Christmas day than it is.

iPhone : Counterpoint: Corbyn is so patriotic he puts the effort in to listen five hours early. twitter.com/hendopolis/sta…

iPhone : If I was as famous for adultery as Boris Johnson is, not sure I’d be going on about my Ten Commandments. Though on the upside at least he hasn’t put them on a stone.

iPhone : Foreign affairs select committee chairman Tom Tugendhat reacts to the revelation that London Bridge killer Usman Khan was released despite being a high-risk prisoner: Listen live ► talkradio.co.uk/live

Julia Hartley-Brewer | Tom Tugendhat

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iPhone : The cult of gender-neutrality has gone too far. We really should challenge the idea that you can be whatever sex you want to be. The truth is that there are men and women and you are one or the other. It shouldn’t be transphobic to say that.

Brendan O’Neill on Sky News:

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iPhone : Joining Julia this morning
► Chancellor Sajid Javid
► Foreign affairs select committee chairman Tom Tugendhat
► Labour politician Nic Dakin
► Lib Dem spokeswoman Christine Jardine
► Spiked editor Brendan ONeill

Listen live ► talkradio.co.uk/live | Julia Hartley-Brewer

iPhone : Good morning! Please join me for my talkRADIO breakfast show from 6.30am-10am. We’ll be talking about Trump’s NATO strop & impeachment, Tory tax cuts, Labour’s schools pledge, monthly contraceptive pill, spending 2 weeks pay on Xmas, and much more...

iPhone : Benjamin Butterworth I don’t agree with anything Israel said & I’m an atheist to boot, but if people have the right to religious worship & expression then surely he has the right to say what he believes? Indeed doesn’t he have a moral duty to try to save your soul if he really believes that?