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Twitter Web App : โ€œWhen I was your age, I owned my own houseโ€


Average yearly wage: ยฃ1,204

Average house price: ยฃ4,690

The avg house cost 3.89 x the avg yearly salary.


Average yearly wage: ยฃ26,208

Average house price: ยฃ234,853

The avg house costs 8.96 x the avg yearly salary.

Twitter Web App : THIS is how the Tories look after veterans.Army veteran Mark Mullins and wife Helen 'driven to suicide by poverty' dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2โ€ฆ via Daily Mail Online

Twitter Web App : The BBC should quiz the Tories on this

โ€ข9 Trident Missiles have misfired since 1980s.
โ€ขThe last successful Trident Missile test in the UK was 2012
โ€ขUK tested just 10 since 2000
โ€ขIn June 2016 a Trident Missile aimed at West Africa, diverged in the direction of USA via Florida

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Twitter Web App : There are thousands of what are obviously bot accounts trolling anyone who tweets about the right-wing coup in Bolivia

They are spreading propaganda in English, their account names are often @ namenumbers, and they were created in November

Theres a big operation going on here

Twitter Web App : Sources are telling me they are afraid that Bolivia's elected President Evo Morales might be killed tonight in the right-wing coup.

This is a full-fronted imperialist attack on democracy. It is a blatant attempt to recolonize Latin America and overthrow all efforts at progress.

Twitter Web App : To see Evo Morales Ayma who, along with a powerful movement, has brought so much social progress forced from office by the military is appalling.

I condemn this coup against the Bolivian people and stand with them for democracy, social justice and independence. #ElMundoConEvo

Twitter Web App : At Islingtons #RemembranceSunday service I read In the Trenches by Isaac Rosenberg.

He was a working class Jewish soldier, born in Bristol, who wrote poems on the Western Front. He was killed in 1918.

In his memory and for all those who died, we strive for a peaceful world.

Twitter Web App : Horrible news coming out of Bolivia. Solidarity with Evo Morales, the first ever indigenous leader of Bolivia who despite delivering huge gains for the working classes and winning the recent election convincingly appears to have been forced from office. Dark times.

Twitter Web App : My wife & I work full time & here's our situation:

Our TV is broken, our washing machine is broken, our dishwasher is broken, our tumble dryer is broken, our boiler is broken & our council tax & child care bills are overdue.

How are families supposed to get by in Tory Britain?

Twitter Web App : Outstanding journalism. Tory MP comes on the telly to attack Labour spending & ends up leaving with his backside handed to him on a plate.

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Twitter Web App : Soweto Kinch Yes. Great afternoon. Good conversations. Good we were able to bring 3 from Yardley at short notice. #GTTO #labourdoorstep

Twitter Web App : Had a great afternoon canvassing with some great Labour people in Northfield/Longbridge
Much love to #RichardBurden and #OllyArmstrong and an army of fired up volunteers. Letโ€™s #GTTO!!!

Handsworth might beโ€ฆ instagram.com/p/B4sZHXtJCPN/โ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Approximately 22 Veterans a day commit suicide.

Would 22 of my friends please copy and tweet? Don't retweet!

If currently serving or have served in the UK Armed Forces you can call Combat Stressโ€™ 24-hour mental health helpline.

0800 138 1619(vets)
0800 323 4444(serving)

Twitter Web App : Sajid Javid miscounts Labours spending proposals & tallies them up to around ยฃ1.2trillion.
Ironically, thats less than his Party have borrowed in 9 years & what do they have to show for it? 14million in poverty & underfunded public services.

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Twitter Web App : #Marr nails Sajid Javid's "bogus numbers" and "dodgy accounting"

As John McDonnell said: "This ludicrous piece of Tory fake news is an incompetent mish-mash of debunked estimates and bad maths cooked up because they know Labourโ€™s plans for real change are popular"

Twitter Web App : You know itโ€™s bad when #Marr tells you your numbers are dodgy and #Ridge laughs at you for being so ridiculous.

Its basically bogus numbers and dodgy accounting

#GE2019 #VoteLabour ๐ŸŒน

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Twitter Web App : Thanks Conservatives for highlighting your broken promise.

GP numbers are currently ๐Ÿ”,๐Ÿ”๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ fewer than you promised, not 2,100. My mistake.

And by the way, theres also a shortage of ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘,๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ nurses.

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