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Bio Father, husband, Texan, presidential candidate. He/Him/Él. Former Sec. of Housing & Urban Development, Mayor of San Antonio.
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iPhone : The line other candidates have landed on -- that the first four states in combo represent the party's diversity -- doesn't acknowledge the importance of the first two twitter.com/SawyerHackett/…

iPhone : NEW: Julián Castro becomes first presidential candidate (maybe in history?) to call for reordering of Democratic primaries to be reflective of our diversity.

He’s always speaking truths and standing up for marginalized communities.

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iPhone : As an Iowan, I endorse this in the same way I endorse Julián Castro--easily and without reservations. I think Iowa could still be first 4 as a reflection of a purple Midwestern state, but we need Southeastern and Southwestern states as our 1st 2 (I'd do NC and NM personally). twitter.com/SawyerHackett/…

iPhone : I was asked today in Iowa about the order of our primaries. I appreciate how seriously Iowa & New Hampshire take their role as first-in-the-nation.

But we’ve changed in the 50 years since order was established—and I believe it’s time our primaries reflect our nation’s diversity.

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iPhone : Today Julián Castro met with advocates and providers at The Arc of SEI, an organization serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

“Nobody here does this for the money, they do it because they have a passion for it and they care.”

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iPhone : Today I visited The Arc of SEI in Iowa City to hear about their work offering information, services, and advocacy for individuals with disabilities.

As president, my administration will fight for opportunity, inclusion, and dignity for those with disabilities and their families.

Twitter Media Studio : We’re not going to win in 2020 by playing it safe.

We’re going to win by getting Americans off the sidelines and into the voting booths—and reaching out to marginalized communities that have powered our victories for decades.

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iPhone : Our hearts are with the family of Atatiana Jefferson as they suffer another loss. Atatiana’s father, Marquis Jefferson, passed away from a heart attack.

His death is a reminder that the victims of police violence also include the families of those killed.

iPhone : This is the work that goes into feeding America. These are the people who make our meals possible.

I will fight to ensure every farmworker is treated with dignity, paid fairly, and given the chance to become a citizen. They deserve nothing less. twitter.com/ufwupdates/sta…

iPhone : The police shouldn’t be agents of fear and intimidation—and language barriers shouldn’t eliminate someone’s rights.

She’s not making threats, she’s making a living. twitter.com/SofiaBNewman/s…

Twitter Media Studio : I am honored by the support of these leaders from every corner of Iowa who will be true partners in our fight to ensure all Iowans and all Americans have a seat at the table.

iPhone : 30 years ago today, the Berlin Wall fell—marking a major triumph of democracy over division.

As we face a resurgence of authoritarian powers across the globe, we must reject those who would divide us and hold fast to our democratic principles.

iPhone : A quick peek at what a game of Heads Up between Julián Castro and his HQ staff looks like!

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iPhone : Gotta keep him on his toes...

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iPhone : We hear you, #TeamJulián.

Your voice empowers our campaign, not only on the walls of HQ but in our work. Your support inspires us to continue our fight to put people first. Thank you for everything you do 💙

iPhone : The rate of children receiving special education services in Flint, Michigan has doubled since the lead crisis became public.

Toxic pollutants are harming the futures of kids across our country—we have to act.