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Bio Advertising is poison gas • its all pro wrestling
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TweetDeck : ❤️ My puppy insists going with the girls as they get dropped off at school...and he’s so sad when they leave ❤️
#dog #DogLife #DogLover

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Android : there are two types of dogs
(kelly_bove IG)

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Android : Lucky is a small dog with big eyes, which means it always looks like hes having an existential crisis. We get that.

If youd like to meet this 9-year-old Shih Tzu mix, stop by the shelter today!

Android : Our new friend Meatloaf is such a big softy! He just arrived today and is spending some time in the offices at our Grays Ferry clinic while he gets his bearings ❤️

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Android : I pet Autumn. She is a 2 month old Australian Shepherd puppy. She is cuddly and smart. Her caregiver set up a pen with Autumn’s crate in the center. Autumn used the crate door as a ladder and escaped. Autumn loves to play with her turkey. It gobbles as she runs with it.

TweetDeck : Power is when you know whatever you do won’t have consequences. Even when it also comes with the ire and disgust of those around you. Oh yes this is a subtweet. And maybe one day when women like me aren’t afraid anymore I’ll be able to say a lot more, a lot more directly.

Android : Folks, Denmark — more and more you’re hearing it’s a rotten place. They had a prince named Hamlet, very indecisive guy. His uncle killed his dad, the King, but he couldn’t make up his mind and it was a big mess. So we’re looking at Horatio very strongly, we’re looking at Laertes

Android : women when they diet: I’ve been eating nothing but kale, NO DRESSING, doing a mix of barre, rowing and martial arts so far I’ve lost 1/2 a pound in 6 months

men when they diet: yeah man I stopped eating Taco Bell & quit beer, did some light exercise & I lost 50 pounds in an hour

Android : me in middle school trying to reboot the family computer after it crashed because the song I downloaded on limewire gave it 17 viruses

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TweetDeck : women laughing at random men so they don’t hurt us

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