Linda Dunbrack 🌊🏳️‍🌈 #CloseTheCamps #wtp_2020 (@JustLinda24 )

Linda Dunbrack 🌊🏳️‍🌈 #CloseTheCamps #wtp_2020

Bio The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. - MLK Jr.
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Android : If I had unlimited $$$ to work on election security, one of the 1st things I’d do is pay people to obtain & review precinct totals (poll tapes) from the FL, TX, & MO senate races & compare them to reported totals. This is how the “loss” of black votes was discovered in GA & TN

Android : Throughout our history, Americans have been told that it wasn’t possible to make big, structural change. But they didn’t give up. They built grassroots movements—and they changed the course of American history. I believe we can do it again. Thank you, New York. #WarrenNYC

Android : The wealthy and well-connected havent just scooped up a huge chunk of the wealth all of us have worked hard to produce—they’ve also gobbled up opportunity itself. But this is America. We should invest in opportunities for everyone. #WarrenNYC

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Android : Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh. But our problems didnt start with Donald Trump. A country that elects Donald Trump is already in serious trouble. #WarrenNYC

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Android : Leader McConnell Has an Approval Rating of 18% in Kentucky!

He Refuses To Even Discuss #CommonSenseBackgroundChecks That 90% of Americans Support!

What Does The NRA Have On You?

The Die is Cast on You and The #RussianAsset!

Retirement Draweth Near!


Android : Earlier in your testimony, you questioned the love that Democrats have for our country. I served on active duty in the United States military. Do not question my love of our country. Im not going to question yours. We are all Americans.

Powerful moment from @TedLieu:

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Twitter Web App : La Casa Blanca dice que está esperando que el Reino nos diga cómo proceder en su conflicto

¿Desde cuándo otra nación dicta si ponemos a nuestra gente en peligro?

Este presidente atiende a dictadores porque ansia el poder absoluto que poseen


Twitter Web App : La Maison Blanche attend que le Royaume lui dicte comment agir dans son conflit

Depuis quand une autre nation nous dicte si on doit mettre la vie de nos gens en danger?

Ce président sincline devant les dictateurs parce quil veut le même pouvoir.


Twitter Web App : #wtp2020 Imagine the surprise and dismay of our service men and women learning their Commander-in-Chief is the Saudi Crown Prince.

Twitter Web App : The WH says he’s waiting for the Kingdom to tell us how to proceed in its conflict

Since when does another nation dictate whether we put our people in harms way?

This president caters to dictators because he craves the absolute power they possess.