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Twitter Web Client : magnanimous The Telegraph Why don;t women take responsibility? Think like a man. You want to do something to me that will fuck up my body for a year (more if there are complications) I have to give up work, and add baby minding to my already too long list of things to do! I want ............

Twitter Web Client : The Telegraph where is the data needed to dig into this. Colour immigrant status etc. This misuse of what must be seen as barbarici in 2019 will come to rest heavily on women like in the US. If I, as a man could get pregnant, it would be on my terms and only if I was certain it was right

Twitter Web Client : Mayor of London I'm sure we will never hear the truth. How a fridge fire 30 minutes after it was reported engulfed 3 sides of a building! Most people would have got out if told to leave! Where were the fire doors. How many internal walls were removed? these are questions I would like answers to