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Twitter Web App : alex When I said our I meant the west. Who wanted rampant credit and consumation? BIG MONEY!

Twitter Web Client : The Telegraph this is where Europe should show its teeth. IOmpose a 60% tax on all Brazilian goods until they decide to shut this destruction down. If ECO wankers want to target people take action against those who think shit like this is OK

Twitter Web Client : The Economist the EU has a trillion euro black hole - they must keep us tied to them to be able to ensure we are on the hook for circa 250-300 billion. Boris has been briefed. If in 2 months he has used the W/A and has no US deal it is time to out him

Twitter Web Client : Financial Times China's economy has been based on selling us goods we designed and developed that they stole. Time for Europe to take the same action. China needs to stop dumping and open it's market as a western economy would have to. BIG MONEY did this