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🇺🇸Deplorable Linda G.🇺🇸 {⭐}

Bio Evangelical Christian Conservative Former teacher & business owner. Came on twitter just to follow President Trump. #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020 #Potus NO PORN
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Twitter Web App : .#TrumpArmy ALERT!
Join in prayer with us.
This is spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness.
EVIL will not prevail.
DJT: America will never be a socialist country.

Twitter Web App : .Where are consequences for sanctuary city ANARCHY?
ICE Released a List Of Illegals Accused Of Crimes After Local Police Ignore Detainers.
Criminals are back on our streets endangering unimportant citizens
How many of us must die before they're sued?

Twitter Web App : .Generational Déjà Vu from the late 80s
Iran Seizes a British Oil Tanker in the Strait of Hormuz in an effort to increase hostilities in the region.
HEY Kerry & obama, call your buddies in Iran & end this aggression if you actually do love America.

Twitter Web App : Ilhan ISNT A VICTIM! Shes embraced terrorists, spewed anti-Semitic tropes along w/hateful rhetoric against our country free of criticism frm MSM & Dems.

Yet calls Trump & his supporters fascists who dont allow Democratic debate & dissent? HOW RICH!🙄

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Twitter Web App : ABSOLUTELY!
Report: Trump Considers Ending Refugee Resettlement to US.
Until illegals already here who are criminals or are on welfare are deported, close immigration.
US accepts more refugees than any other country & we're sick of invaders who break laws bit.ly/2XQkBO1

Twitter Web App : .obama deported more illegals, but liberal students say they still hate Trump.
FACTS don't matter since they're brainwashed & uninformed.
None knew that all immigration quotes cited were from obama, NOT words of Pres Trump.
SCARY b/c DUMB people can vote

Twitter Web App : .Cow slaughtered in Home Depot parking lot ‘in accordance w Islamic law’ after escaping a halal meat store.
ONLY issued a disturbing the peace ticket!
Meat store was closed after local, state & fed agencies issued numerous violations.
THIS is in America!

Twitter Web App : Wrong again, Geraldo

#TheSquad and the radical left spew their vile and venomous hatred for America, Israel and President Trump every day

#WeThePeople are fed up

#WeThePeople stand behind our great President

#WeThePeople will defend the country we LOVE twitter.com/geraldorivera/…

Twitter Web App : 🙄

Hear that folks???? Rep. Ilhan OmarMN) 's Twitter Profile">Ilhan Omar Rep. Ilhan Omar says you’re just gonna have to STFU and DEAL WITH IT!

((Here’s an idea. Make sure she feels that 9% approval rating at THE POLLS AMERICA! Teach her the word ADIOS👋🏻!)) twitter.com/ilhanmn/status…

Twitter Web App : Love it Donald Trump Jr.

He even stole a porn stars money

🤣🤣🤣🤣 twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr…

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Twitter Web App : More Women of Color Are Speaking Up Against Omar & The Squad For Calling Trump Racist

This UK Woman Is Furious!

Omar, How Dare You Complain, Make Up Lies About This Duly Elected President Trump. Theyre All Jezebels, DemonCrap & Know Exactly What They Are Doing

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Twitter Web App : .4 Trojan horses HATE America, the country that gave them a wonderful life & freedom of speech to spew their vitriol.
The countries of their parents would jail or kill them.
Pres. Trumps tweet said leave, help fix their home countries & then COME BACK & show us how it is done.

Twitter Web App : “Women’s issues are American issues.” -Lara Trump

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Twitter Web Client : .THIS is ridiculous
Colorado State University: ‘Avoid’ using ‘Americans,’ ‘America’ because it's NON-INCLUSIVE
How about all AMERICAN taxpayer $$ is banned from this AMERICAN university?
Parents pay tuition for these propagandists to brainwash their kids.

Twitter Web App : Thank you very much for revealing the incredible facts, which the Fake News Media will never do! steve hilton The Next Revolution

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