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🇺🇸Deplorable Linda G.🇺🇸 {⭐}

Bio Evangelical Christian Conservative Former teacher & business owner. Came on twitter just to follow President Trump. #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020 #Potus NO PORN
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iPhone : Spirit of America Passed On

We must never forget why we have, & why we need our military Our armed forces exist solely to ensure our nation is safe, so that each & every one of us can sleep soundly at night, knowing we have guardians at the gate’

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Twitter Web App : One would think that oh so fair mainstream lib journos in Portland would be able to get an interview or two with the lunatic black-clad socialists of Antifa to ask them why they are yelling at cops to shoot themselves-

But apparently not. Wonder why. twitter.com/tpostmillennia…

Twitter Web Client : This is where youll find The Garden of Gethsemane, The Mount of Olives and many other Biblical places. RIGHT here is what people need to know to realize that Israel will never give it up to a Palestinian State. This is all sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims - a time bomb.

Twitter Media Studio : Far-Left ANTIFA is a domestic terror group.

They beat journalists, fight cops and destroy cities.

They want full communism and terrorize innocent Americans to try and get it.

So will America’s leading Democrats denounce ANTIFA?

We asked. This is scary.

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Twitter Web App : Hong Kongs brave stand:

We want democracy:


#TeaParty #Hongkongprotest #HongKongProtesters #HongKong #China #MAGA

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Twitter Web App : Calvin Coolidge A.M.C Gavin Newsom Only way to win back California IMO..is to have an actual birth certificate...picture voter idea .. with a current address.. even then..Dept of Moter Vehicles registered illegals to vote in California ? 🤔

Twitter Web App : Bill Mitchell You should be asking Whats best if there are several intruders as in a home invasion.... Your rifle or shotgun may as well be pea-shooters in that case.

Android : President JFK, Old school Democrat.
Ask what you can do for your Country.
New School Democrat.
Ask what damage you can do TO your Country.

iPhone : America Awesome Video!
For Black Americans That
Still Believe Democrats
Care Wake Up🙏They Only
Want Your Dam Vote! In
The Words Of President
TrumpWhat The Hell Do
You Have To LoseBobby
Calls Out Dates & Time In
History 🙏🇺🇸 SHARE💯 twitter.com/RealDark_Kent/…

Twitter for iPad : Of all of the footage from Portland today, this one stands out for me. It’s hopeful. A young black man tries to convince a young white Antifa man to return stolen property—a MAGA hat that he swiped. “The hatred is not embeddd with in. It’s created,” he says.

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iPhone : Adam Schiff The racism and hate are coming from idiots like you and your radical leftist gang. EVERYTHING is now racist, to the point the word is losing its meaning! We don’t need new pointless legislation, especially from you!

Twitter Web App : Michael 🎃 James Its true that we are educated in different cultures. But . . .
My apartment has carpets. I dont allow anybody going in with shoes. I have slippers of all sizes. If you want to go in with shoes, I dont allow you. My apt, my rules, nobody can changes them, and DONT TRY. Got it?