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iPhone : Rich Hammond Ok i’ll take your word for it. Every news article we read said even split that’s why. As far as event tickets and SSL disparity? Rams fans will be forever angry. We don’t mind Chargers being section 8 but them getting equal treatment to stadium benefits sucks

iPhone : Rich Hammond Overall, what I said was true, according to every news article that came out until now. Rams are going to evenly split the naming rights and Rams fans evenly split stadium event tickets. You said forget Kronke but it’s a stupid deal and unfair overall for Rams fans

iPhone : Rich Hammond That is very good to know. I feel better about it. If you can confirm or have the word to Rams management ears about stadium event priority for Rams fans that would be great

iPhone : Rich Hammond Brian Joanou It is true. We’ve been told the SSLs would be the same because the club seating was closely priced but due to lack of sales they went 1/10th of the price like a joke. Almost like they made mockery with SSLs

iPhone : Rich Hammond Yes, Rams fans paid hefty SSLs compared to Chargers section 8 SSLs. We deserve the priority on stadium event tickets over Chargers SSL holders. If that is the case then it’s fair for Rams fans

iPhone : Rich Hammond But isn’t it unfair for Rams and Rams fans to pay more to use the stadium and Chargers get the stadium for cheap and they get priority on stadium event tickets just like Rams fans do? And also the stadium naming rights will be split even if I am not wrong?!! Hate that

iPhone : Rich Hammond You know Rams fans paid dearly and unfairly to SSL’s and Chargers paid 1/10th of the price and will call this stadium home and enjoy equal stadium benefits. It is unfair.I do think high ssls will keep more rams fans in stands than chargers fans for their game.Still we are in pain